The Art of Belt riding

Oct 17, 2006
The honorable reader may remember that I am driving a Honda Silver Wing 600cc with autmatic transmission and that I failed to master Doi Ankan. Pissed the hell out of me. I got input through a Silver Wing forum and learned opitimal energy is generated at 5000 rmp BUT the transmission never goes beyond 4-4200. Consequence = I had charged the engine with more the the transmisson could handle, e.i. causing the belt to slip.

With this in mind I went to tackle Doi Tung, never going full power, rather cutting back before the top. I reached the top of Doi Tung, annoyed by the masses of tourists, I went further on , some military post, stopped me because I was actually going the border line to Burma. Very steep, long long downhill slope, rough, photostop at a scenic spot with the border stone. Back on the bike. Nothing , absolutely nothing moved, not even the instruments blinked, dead as can be, I didnt remember that I cut the engine, I had not.

Tranquilizer for my wife , it was 4pm, nobody in sight. Darling , I told you not to drive here............ soon dark, Davids book in mind = never go alone.
Occasionally some little Thai/Burmese marched down hill in rubber boots . I pretended to read my map. The white man didnt want to be caught with his pants down....... again,,,,, though on another DOI.
I had time to think about the cause of the problem=
The batterie ! I had gone for so long down hill , had no need to feed the engine with petrol that I hadnt noticed that the motor had actually died.
Belt transmission ! Very quiet, only wind and rubble sounds, that was it.

45 minutes later a pick up stopped, and one of the most energetic , hands-on, good looking young Thai stepped that I have met.
To make a long story short, he drove with with my wife to Mae Sai, found the only fitting battery in town, returned 3 hours later and fixed evrything.
I wanted to know everything about this man. The next day revealed he was a soldier to HRH Princess No 3 , ( cant spell the name) In this capacity he was project manager for royal projects around Doi Kung, such as a school, a hospital hidden soemwhere in the bushes, we went everywhere. And he prefers to sleep in his tent instead of the house.
So far my break downs have always led to very interesting encounters

PS. I have been using the soft driving style also today going on 1155 , did break any records but I made it without any problem to Chiang Rai.

Nevertheless I will ask Mike Rust to help to get the Malossi parts.


Nov 5, 2003

I wonder if you could fix your mount with some pantyhose in an emergency. LOL

Hope you booked into a hotel with a spa to reward the wife for her patience. Never mind the breakdowns, as you say you meet the nicest people on a Honda (sic)
Oct 17, 2006
MIKE , YOU PROBABLY COULD USE A PANTYHOSE, but not too many Thaigirls around with such Erotica.
Captain slash, I dont have any doubt, but it seems to relate to actual speed only, not to , lets call it , shifting down to first gear, to get to the higher revs in order to have optimal power output even at low speed, does that sound right ?
With my side car I never go faster than 80 max 90 km/h its simply no fun , rmp are very steady at 3000 -3100. And with steep inclines like on 1155 or Doi Tung I go down to 2800 at 30kmh.
By the way, police had fun today, I saw a truck scale, drove on it and asked to be weighted, result = 520 kg, that should explain somes slippage of the belt.