The Doi Inthanon Loop

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  1. DATE: Tues 16 Dec 2008
    RIDERS: Scotty007 & DavidFL
    WEATHER: Cool 'n absolutely glorious.
    THE WAY: Chiang Mai - Hot - Mae Chaem - Doi Inthanon - Chomthong - Chiang Mai. Nothing special, but a map delivery run & Beemer tester for Nan.
    ROUTES: 108-1008-1192-1009-108

    Got away from the super at 10.45AM, a mere 45 mins behind schedule, so "happy family snaps" only....

    First stop was the Shell petrol station in Hot to top up with 95 Benzene

    Second stop was Om Khut on R1088
    Nothing special, but Om Khut is a nice spot beside the Mae Chaem river, plus there are always some "pretty wacky old biddies” hanging out in the noodle shops over hanging the river. Good for a laugh & chat with the locals. Great people.

    The Inthanon - Mae Chaem loop ... NTHANONMAE
    really is a good one with a variety of roads, riding & scenery.

    R1088 heading north towards Yang Din & Khong Khaek Tai
    note how dry the land looks here already.

    At 2.30PM we were at the Navasoung Resort & ate- this was lunch for Scotty007 & breakfast for me. Funny how it goes eh?
    The Navasoung Resort
    is a magic spot on the foothills of Doi Inthanon & is owned & run by a Thai - Finish couple.
    It is well worth checking out for
    1. Accommodation
    2. Food
    3. Good Service

    After the Navasoung it was onto R1192, one of the most exhilarating little roads in North Thailand. It is such an amazing ride you almost never see any photos of it, because no one wants to stop & snap away. But today I thought we'd have a go in one nice spot


    It's not easy picking a safe bit of road on 1192 because it is too tight, narrow & steep. And as luck would have it, as soon as we stopped we were getting buzzed by other vehicles.

    We almost caused a couple of accidents, & quickly gave up trying to get the desired shots.
    437728197_zp4bH-M. 437728207_BHyq3-M.

    After that it was onto the top of Thailand & Inthanon


    The light was crystal clear

    and almost surreal in another place a few hundred metres down the road


    437728333_eg9xe-M.jpg 437728352_8LNxV-M.

    Thanks for the ride Scotty007. It was a nice day out.
  2. Great photos Dave!

    We missed the turn for the 1192 and came back down around Hot.

    Funny the different perspectives of a road. We met a guy on the 108 who said it was dangerously steep and not in great condition. Other people say its a great little road.
    Ah well will catch it next time around.
  3. Great fotos David !! No breakdown with the German Tank ?? By the way are you up there 26th Dec. to 7th Jan ?? Eung Peung Jan Pah and all the others are waiting that we drain their 2008 stocks............Cheers, FR
  4. Was indead a good ride, this is my favourite loop out of Chiang Mai, with many varying road conditions. The German Tank did behave itself! :D
  5. Was indead a good ride, this is my favourite loop out of Chiang Mai, with many varying road conditions. The German Tank did behave itself! :D
  6. Dave

    Exelent clowd pic,, it is indeed very surreal feeling specially when coming from clear blue sky then in to low clods and after that dark even smoggy lower areas.
  7. Yes sir R1192 is an awesome road & ride. Many guys do it twice - up & down, or down & up. It is so good.
    And yes it can get a bit bumpy at times - all roads have their good & bad months when they are in need of a bit of patch work, or have just been re-surfaced, but that's one of the aims of the GT Rider forum to encourage riders to post their road & trip reports with photos so we can stay up to date & provide the latest info. (So come on all you lurkers - put your little bit in on which roads are good or "bad," when you rode them. Every little contribution helps.)
    How tough or easy it will be do also depends on experience & what sort of bike you're riding.
    Whatever R1192 is an awesome road & a must ride if you're on / near Doi Inthanon.

    1. Steep

    2.Winding along the ridgeline

    Where is it - it's on the Mae Hong Son Loop map. :wink:

    Check it out with Doi Inthanon sometime as an easy over night trip from Chiang Mai. Do it slow & easy to get lots of photos. Do it in a day & you will rush it, just for the ride. Mae Chaem is very quiet & traditional -well worth checking out. Stay at the Navasoung Resort to be pampered , plus get excellent food & service.

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