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  1. DavidFL

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    Spotted riding down the road a sign for The Erotic Garden.

    Hey what the heck is that.....something new & probably worth checking out I thought.


    The garden entrance & tea house



    & into the garden




    303756=22742-IMG_6126. 303756=22743-IMG_6131. 303756=22744-IMG_6136.

    303756=22737-IMG_6139B. 303756=22741-IMG_6138.



    The garden is meant to be a sensual journey of art.

    Many of the flowers & bushes planted have special erotic fragrances & qualities.



    Only open a few days it is still a work in progress


    The tea house serves coffees, tea & lunches.
    They will also cater to private functions.

    There is a nice outdoor sala to sit & relax & soak up the erotic ambience.

    Location: Soi 5 of Huay Sai village about 2kms north of Prem International School.
    On the GTR Mae Sa Valley Samoeng loop map it would look like this.
    GTR-Erotic Garden MapB.

    Chiang Mai Erotic Garden & Teahouse
    Chiangmai Erotic Garden | Chiangmai Erotic Sculpture Garden and Tea house
    Huay Sai Soi 5 ,
    Mae Rim, Chiang Mai
    Tel.083-318-4855 , 098-584-7662

    The Chiang Mai Erotic Garden is well worth checking out before the selfie masses discover it.
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  3. Jurgen

    Jurgen Moderator

    For sure an inspiring place ... thank you for researching it David!
  4. Philigran

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    Very nice .... guess I need to come back to Thailand hit the road again. Seems like you were there all by yourself?!
  5. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Well that's something Different?
  6. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Possibly, only in Thailand could you build a tea house like this and not offend anyone. Hope they do well........
  7. blackb15

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    It's a good job it's not the first of April 😜

    Safe riding
  8. Johpa

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    From my contacts in Huai Sai it sounds like she invested 3,000,000 baat into the sculptures and landscaping. Too bad I would not be willing to pay money to see phalli.
  9. Philigran

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  10. David Learmonth

    David Learmonth Ol'Timer

    Called in last week. No admission charge. Certainly 'different'...............
    Lots of various teas available to drink. Had Bhutan tea which apparently is made of bark - very good it was too.
    Lady owner is very friendly & speaks excellent English. Food also available.
  11. harrythefinn

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  12. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah an amusing raid I understand.
    The night before I bumped into the cops at a local restaurant, they were lost & asked me for directions after getting confused talking to another dutch guy where the place was & what was going on.
    The cop had an image on his phone of some newspaper headlines from the west, The caption headlines were "The Garden of Hedon."
    I googled this later & turned turn up the Huffington Post story

    Slightly sensation eye catching headlines & a bit of a humourous story to get your attention & sell newspapers?
    You have to laugh at the URL address though erotic-garden-taiwan?
    Evidence of how on the ball they are - Tawian / Thailand, probably the same place out there in S E Asia.

    Anyway the cops thought they were onto some swinging sex joint & hoped to catch the bad guys & gals out & at it.
    How surprised they were to find it a private residence, no bungalows & nothing going on.
    Katai the owner showed them her bedroom, the maids quarters & there was nothing going on. No prostitutes, no hangers on.
    The raid lasted an hour.
    The police confessed they had been mislead - the big guys in Bkk requesting the raid via Region 5; & the next day agreed to bring the press to check out the Erotic Garden for all to see & understand that it was simply an art garden, albeit a different one to what Thai people are normally used to.

    How did this raid all happen? Well 3 farang teachers from Chiang Mai visited the Teahouse garden took some good photos & one of them sold the photos to Getty Images. He must have hit the jackpot, because the images & story consequently went around the world on the net. Within 48 hrs it was reported back to Bkk that there was a sex garden operating in Mae Rim & out came the coppers. Sorry guys false alarm, but please while you are here please take a guided tour & a good look around then bring the press so that everybody knows & there is no more misunderstanding.

    Very stressful at the time, K Katai the owner is now most pleased with the free publicity - it should be in all the Thai press in the next 48 hours, if not today.
    The TV will probably come next.

    The Erotic Garden & Teahouse is indeed different, not exactly your normal Thai, but as Katai says we are international in Thailand now & need to broaden our perspectives.

    Chiang Mai City Life ran a nice informative article on Katai & the Erotic Garden, that you can check out, when their website comes back.
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  13. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I slipped out to the Erotic Garden today for a cuppa 'n chat with K Katai; & the garden is now looking immaculate.
    Every two weeks "gardeners" come from Nong Nooch in Pattaya to ensure the grounds remain in top shape.

    If you have not been to the Erotic Garden, then put the place on your hit list.
    And the best time to go is late afternoon for the best photography light













    Check it out sometime, don't be shy. The place is well worth a visit.
    Even the head of Mae Rim police has visited off duty, with his family.
  14. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A lazy Sunday afternoon & cuppa tea with the charming Khun Katai
    GTR - IMG_7673C.JPG
    She has a couple of new pieces on display at the Erotic Garden
    GTR - IMG_7655.JPG
    GTR - IMG_7656.JPG
    GTR - IMG_7660.JPG
    GTR - IMG_7661.JPG

    GTR - IMG_7659.JPG

    & if you venture out there for a very amusing experience, Katai's information on the perfect breasts & nipples as agreed by international plastic surgeons is interesting.

    She also had a visit from an American organ transplant doctor who had this to say about the Erotic garden
    I visited the Erotic Garden with my late teen sons. It is in a beautiful setting near rice fields and a temple. The designer/owner was an incredibly gracious hostess who has taken great care in creating a truly one of a kind place. It is NOT about sex, but about the intersection between art and the erotic as part of being human. It is also not designed as a gimmick or tourist attraction. It is a walk through a beautiful garden with sculptures of the erotic parts of human anatomy, done in a tasteful and artistic manner. We all enjoyed it, and were able to share tea with the owner. One of a kind.​
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  15. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    It is interesting for me to note how many people are hesitant to go & visit the garden. Why should I?

    The Erotic garden is definitely something unique, especially in a conservative country like Thailand & then there is the issue of the place being owned & run by a woman - something really quite extraordinary. Katai is an intelligent woman, who happens to love gardening & art; she is extremely interesting woman to talk with & absorb her views on the garden & eroticism.
    So with some gentle persuasion & an open mind Goran too went & we had an extremely enjoyable 3 hours there discussing the ideas & concept of the garden with K Katai.

    Goran will have a super report & photos coming “soon”….

    In the meantime a few update snaps

    Khun Katai has a new sculpture in the garden


    The Erotic Garden is well worth a visit + the 300 baht fee for a personal guided tour & explanation on the concept of the garden by the owner. Tea, coffee & snacks are free with the guided tour fee.
    Should you not wish to take the guided tour & fascinating explanatory insight into the garden, you may walk around by yourself to take photos, but you will leave disappointed. uninformed & probably confused by it all.

    Bring it on Goran.
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  16. Goran Phuket

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    Still riding, on my way down to Phuket right now. Will update the topic within few days.
  17. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Sunday & time for an afternoon cuppa & a stroll in the garden with K Katai & a couple of friends.


    Mates Stu & Mam were first timers of course, but experienced international travellers & thoroughly enjoyed themselves

    You can get some really interesting photos with a longer lens






    if you're looking for something different, then this is the place for an afternoon cuppa.
    Chiang Mai Erotic Garden

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  18. ZCM

    ZCM Ol'Timer

    Certainly an unusual place for sure! I went there some months back. They gave an interesting talk about the art, then left so that I could look around quietly.
    Interesting place, with some real art and culture behind it, plus the fun giggle factor that potentially makes for some creative and funny snapshots. haha.
    This is the only one of me i can show from the garden, that is family friendly. Bwahaha!

  19. ZCM

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    Just a heads-up. Gorans image links have all gone at the moment.
  20. Jurgen

    Jurgen Moderator

    « Honi soit qui mal y pense » (shame on anyone who thinks ill of it).

    Chiangmai’s Erotic Garden is not only an attractive stop-over for bikers rambling on Mae Rim’s rural roads (Route 3009), along the region’s rice fields, it is also a feast for photographers. The well-trimmed compound features suggestive hills, all kind of intriguing plants and explicit paintings and statues. The whole concept, design and realization is the brainchild of Mrs Katai Kamminga who transformed an old barn, and its more than three thousand square meters enclosure, in an attractive open-air art exhibition.

    Open minded visitors will enjoy the hilly garden with suggestive forms and explicit art displays.

    Food for thoughts; the reflexion of an oversized phallus in an imaginary lotus pound.

    Reality or a dream; whatever just goes through the mind.

    Even so this garden honours Eros, the Greek god of desire and sexual love, nothing fuzzy is going on there, as confirmed through a visit by Mae Rim police officers in February 2015. It is just an artwork display, and, suggestive as it might be, the rest is a matter of one’s own mind-set.

    Answering a question about a giant phallus representation, Katai pointed out that this is just a dream, her personal dream and the fantasy of many women.

    It’s just a dream …

    Katai’s, and many women’s dream (sic).

    To fulfil its procreation mission, nature uses shapes, colours and scents as an attraction and enticement. This can easily be observed in flowers where the anther provides the male cells and the stigma drives them toward the ovary, after bugs or butterflies visited the engaging calyces, transporting the fertilizing pollen.

    Anther and stigma, the essential organs of perennial reproduction.

    Colours are meant to attract insects and butterflies, agents of plants procreation.

    Bright and odorant calyces are attractive for all sort of pollinating bees and flies.

    Some flowers are tightly closed and prudish, rendering the fertilization process more challenging and offered to some kind of insects only.

    For the human eyes and imagination, many fruit and flower shapes might evoke body parts. The Anthurium plant, the Erotic Garden’s logo, for instance, is particularly sensual, in its appearance and colours.

    From partly closed to its widely open shape, the Anthurium flower is a suggestive plant.

    Another Katai’s favourite is her “small boy” (a bush clock vine) with its blossom’s unmistakable shape.

    A bush clock vine – nature is filled with fantasy invitations.

    A trained eye and more imagination are required to appreciate some plants’ subtle and fugacious evocative shapes. This is where Katai’s guided tour adds a valuable element to her compound’s visit; her kindness and enthusiasm are communicative, and a direct information, by the garden creator, provides a unique insight in this partly natural, partly sculpted, erotic environment.

    The majestic lotus features a cluster of tiny nipples.

    Viewed with an open mind, flowers are often suggestive of human body parts.

    Evocative forms can be seen everywhere in the nature, but some plants and fruits, for instance plums, onions and bell peppers, have particularly suggestive shapes, especially when they are artistically represented.

    This creative rendering of plums easily draws the imagination.

    Onion and bell pepper in an explicit artistic work.

    Sculptural juxtaposition of pears with a lower body shape.

    Drizzle in a lotus pound.

    In addition to its charming natural environment, Katai has graced her garden with artistic models and paintings of full or oversized human anatomies.

    Set in stone, the “universal” body position.

    Taking a soap bath while watching stimulating pictures.

    Juxtapositions: size, colour and gender.

    Giant phallus and small tree contrast.

    Human shape on a green background.

    Inside Katai’s colourful garden.

    “The dream”, on both sides.

    A prudish girl veiled by an erotic plant.

    No live act, just a Photoshop superposition ;) (winking smiley).

    Katai is is particularly knowledgeable about Bhutan. This country has a notably strong phallic worship culture, which was a source of inspiration for the water spouts and a wall painting in the Erotic Garden. The painting was created by a talented national gold medal artist.

    A touch of Bhutan, Khun Katai’s interpretation painted by a talented local artist.

    Chasing light, kneeling down to snap a macro from a minuscule bud or trying to combine larger subjects into personal visions, photographers might enjoy the serene and imaginative Erotic Garden’s environment for hours. Despite the fame of the place it is not a tourist trap and the space is wide enough to be shared by a couple of visitors.

    “The Gossip” my favourite picture taken in the garden (infra-red picture).

    Evening light colours Katai’s garden with warm romantic light.
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  21. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Great photos Jurgen, as always, Thank you. An interesting tea shop indeed.

    In Bhutan, we saw many times, a painted phallus decorating the outside of a house. It is a symbol of life and good luck. Usually, the phallus was painted spurting the seed of life.

    penile closeup.

    penile closeup2.

    In 2013, memsahib and I were fortunate enough to go on a Himalayan Roadrunners tour across Bhutan. A small group, just 6 Royal Enfield Bullets. Absolutely marvellous trip. A wonderful country to ride through with stunning dramatic scenery and a fascinating unique culture. Similar to India and Nepal but clean, with good food and accommodation. Possible the best motorbike tour I have ever done, much easier, cleaner and generally nicer, than Tibet. Thoroughly recommended and well worth the cost. If anyone is interested, see here;
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  22. DavidFL

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    Wonderful photos Jurgen. Those images certainly give the Erotic Garden a certain amount of charm.
  23. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A few pics with a group of Malaysian Bikers who discovered the Erotic Garden because of GTR
    GTR - IMG_4660.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4682.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4690.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4696.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4700.JPG

    GTR - IMG_4701.JPG

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