The Fat Chance No Chance Tour

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  1. This trip took place from 10th. to 17th. Dec.
    The participants were myself and my 2 best Thai friends on 2 nearly new Versys and a 21 year old classic HD Electra Glide. Toyed with the idea of entitling it "On a Wing and a Prayer" but did not wish to belittle the HD. Anything on 2 wheels is great and though I don't wish to have a HD I confess to liking them. By 'anything on 2 wheels' I meant a motorbike not a car going around a corner too fast !!

    The "Title" originated due to doubts if we could ever get away from work and actually do it. Well, we did.

    We met up in Petchabun not because it was planned that way but because my 2 buddies rode to Kabin Buri (50km past the meeting point) before they realised they were on the wrong road. Anyway one of them had property and family in Petchabun and a pleasant evening was spent with them
    The next day our destination was Nan via Phu Hin Rongkla and Queen Sirikit reservoir.
    The beautiful serpentine twisties up to Phu Hin Ronkla were a taste of things to come for our intrepid HD rider.


    From Phu Hin Ronkla it was a lovely ride through the countryside up to Nam Phat where it was a left on R1339, or R1239 depending on which map you have, to the reservoir and a ferry crossing over to Pak Nai Fishermans Village.

    The ferry and my buddies.

    Our lady driver.

    Signs of tourism at the fishermans village.

    We met up with Dave & Geoff on the way and rode into Nan where we stayed at The Eurngkum Hotel (B350) for a nice big clean room.


    In Nan we also met up with Franz and Nikster and our growing group spent a great evening down by the Nan river for dinner and drinks.
    The next morning Franz and Nikster headed back to CNX we, with our 2 new riders Dave & Geoff, set off for the Doi Pukha loop.

    Meeting at Hot Bread early morning.

    Rode the still lovely R1169 and 1080 and just as you turn right on R1256 there is a coffee shop opposite this sign:

    The coffee shop:

    The 1256 is incredible, unfortunately I do not have the fortitude or perseverance of Capt Slash and enjoy the roads too much to stop and take photos. Nearly all my photos are taken at the beginning, end or coffee/cigarette stops.

    At my favorite viewpoint on R1256:

    The view:

    Just before Bo Kleua and the T junction there is a nice restaurant and I caught Geoff with the boys posing:

    Back to Nan on one of my favorite roads the 1081 and we assembled down by the river again:

    Dave did a questionnaire with some local students and its difficult to determine who is the teacher and who is the student:


    Down by the river:

    To be continued ........................
  2. Was great meeting you guys there; and kudos to your friend on the Harley, doing the twisties on that gave him a good workout I am sure... ;)
  3. Was great meeting you too Nik and my old buddy Franz.

    The HD rider was getting pretty exhausted by the fourth day of mountain riding !

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