The Flooding Tour from Koh Phangan to Khao Sok

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  1. The Flooding Tour from Koh Phangan to Khao Sok, part 1

    I think everybody listen about the big rain and flooding in march/april 2011. Near every year i drive the tour from Phuket - Khao Sok - Koh Phangan or Koh Phangan - Khao Sok. This year was a special because much rain everywhere in the south of thailand, big waves and about this t no ferry from Koh Phangan to Don Sak. About 1 week much rain, sometimes 24 hours. Everywhere landslides, this was on the mountainstreet from Ban Khai to Haad Rin and braks the power cable too.


    Sometimes i drive with jacket in the rain and drink a coffee on 7 eleven where many peoples meeting.
    But 7 eleven sold out, no bakery, no sausages, no sandwich......


    30.03.2011 The police called the resorts that tourist who want leave the island must come to the pier because in the afternoon a army boat will come. Many people waiting at noon in the rain and wind for the army boat but it not come. The police said „i don’t know when“ at 3 o clock afternoon they talk the army boat NOT come to Koh Phangan toady because they take many people from Koh Tao. The army boat want go to a pier in Hua Hin, but the waves to danger so the change to Sattahip (near Pattaya), a very long trip.

    Then on the 31.3.2011 the Racha Ferry work and i got the afternoon ferry to Don Sak (60 km from Surathani), i am happy. But after 40km water on the highway, what the hell....thais fishing on the highway.....



    ........and then closed... I must go a diversion (15 km) on the 44 highway to Krabi and then came to Surathani, everything in the city was dry, i am happy, i think no more problems but......
    This was on the 401 after Phun Phin on the elctric power station, the thais make a boat service on the 401:


    In the afternoon i drive many hours through the water but impossible to go the to bangkok or Takua Pa. So i look around the city (klick for 2500 pixel resolution)



  2. The Flooding Tour from Koh Phangan to Khao Sok, part 2

    In the evening i look a nice hotel, My Place with AC, TV, Minibar, DVD Player, nice bathroom for 410 baht.


    01.04.2011 I start in the morning and i think the water more down because 2 days no rain. No, the water in the north of Surathani, in Phun Pin, is higher and many cars with broken engines are parking on the street. The thais camping everywhere on the street, much of them fishing on the street. On the 401 near Phun Pin


    The elctric power station, today higher water


    I try the 44 to Krabi, but after 50km from Surathani this


    Look the house on the right side....


    In the late afternoon and after 200km i know it is impossible to go out of Surathani. So i look around in this city, the people very nice and Surathani have a Tesco, BIG C and ......


    One more night in My Place. The AC dryed my wet clothes in the night.
  3. The Flooding Tour from Koh Phangan to Khao Sok, part 3

    02.04.2011 My friend from Khao Sok called me early in the morning and told that today many cars come from Surathani, so it must be possible. I start 8.00 o clock and took the highway 44 to Krabi, after around 50 km where the big bridge is broken i must pass a deep water.....



    But whats that, yesterday the bridge was only on one point broken, today 2 points broken


    But on my bridge high water...


    Big risk for small cars like a BMW


    .....and some kilometers later in Khian Sa turn right and then in Khian Sa turn left on the 4219. Yeahhh, now the street is dry. At 12.20 o clock after 220km i came to the Rachaprabha Damm Pier and start with a longtailboat


    to the new Smiley Lake House ( ) this way


    1 hour later:


    Klick for 2500 pixel resolution

  4. Good Report and Picture! There are some Serious Floods taking place all over Thailand at the moment. Thanks for showing Us helbob.
  5. More than 15 years holyday in thailand but NEVER something like this, not in the rainy season and not in the dry season

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