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    A tip off from the "Ambassador" on a local attraction that no one knew about!

    "Now How is this! They have a Golden Rock Replica in Mae Rim."


    Too right, what the hell is that all about......where is it?


    It took me 2 goes to find it & it is less than 4 kms from my house. :huh:


    What do I know?





    So what / where is it?

    East of Mae Rim.

    Roughly 2.1 kms from R107.

    Wat Hua Dong Samakkhi Tham

    On the north side / bank of the Mae Rim river.



    GPS Waypoint: N18 55 15.0 E98 57 42.5.

    A tip of the hat to the "ambassador." :clap:

    Location on the GTR Mae Sa Valley - Samoeng Loop map.
    GTR-Golden RockB.
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  3. Changnoi1

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    Hahahaha tourist in your own backyard!
    This due the fact that signs to an attraction always stop about 5km before the attraction itself.
    And due to the fact like location markers like "Follow route 101, at km47 go left and drive another 27km".

    Thanks! Thailand is full of beautiful surprises.

    Chang Noi
  4. tehsk30

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    Amazing.... How does one rock ends up there?

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