The Great Petchabun Loop

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  1. Hi there

    We Just finished a great 3 day Petchabun loop and here is the plan for each day which was "more or less" being followed with some variations.

    the full trip : ... 705383&z=9
    The trip splitted in day sections
    day 1 (19 October): ... e=UTF8&z=8
    stay overnight in Petchabun

    day 2 (20 October): ... =UTF8&z=10
    stay overnight in petchabun

    day 3 (21 October) : ... e=UTF8&z=8

    It was great to meet Allan & Marco for the first time ....and great to Meet Tony & Dave again
    Here the 3 days
    Day 1) I met up with Allan at the Resort and we went to PTT Station in Town to wait for Dave to come...he had a bit of flooding o his way and was around 15 minutes late. We started off around 8.15AM to meet Tony in Nongbua Esso ( meeting time was 9.00AM) the ride until Chumsaeng was actually really nice with curvy road and good road condition.



    from Chumsaeng until nongbua there was hardly any curves but rather bumpy road...we also had a short stretch flooded road which gave us wet feets.
    Tony also had to detour a bit and came just before us & all was well. Onwards we progressed really well towards Petchabun. As we came closer to Petchabun we also found more curvy and hilly roads one of these curves where Allan went "off-road" (i actually saw it happening in my rearview mirror) ....unluckily the Bike was unrideable to go on , but luckily and most important Allan was alright.



    Police was nearby and was very helpful and friendly they actually brought Allan & Bike to the Hotel In petchabun
    We arrived in petchabun @ Burapa Hotel a little later than expected and met Marco ,than we offloaded the Bike from Allan, and dropped some of our Luggage in the Hotel.
    We went on north and did Route 2331 until Phu Hin Rongkla National was really a nice amnd curvy road we also passed a landslide and some muddy road which gave it some "extra spice" to the route. We did not do the 2331 until the end as per Tony's info it was already in a so-so condition without the rains and the past rains were likely doing more we did hang out on the viewpoint for a while and did some pics.






    We went back the Route 2331 and headed towards Khao Kho...this road is also very nice and passes the Thai "Switzerland", unfortunately it started raining and got a bit stronger so we decided to stop for Lunch. We went back to the Hotel still under rain but not really far to go either.

    Evening out was fun and good food had later some Beers with Marco while Allan and Dave went to the Pub.

    Day 2 ) started with a little setback for Virago didn't start(with e-starter) but we could pushstart it . It also displayed a red control light infrequently which seemingly was all an electronical issue. Regardless, we went the route 203 to Loei it is an amazing road , no traffic, excellent curves and very good road condition :bounce:
    While we made a stop i made those pics:







    We had Lunch in Loei ( Kings Hotel ), Dave decided to go back Home and went a different (shorter) route , we (Tony , Marco & myself) went on Route 201 but missed a turn so we took a longer ( but faster) way back to Route 12...this section of Route 12 (it is between chumpae & Lomsak) is awesome and once again hilly and curvey hardly any Cars and blessed with beautiful weather :thumright: .
    Back at the Hotel having Dinner and an early sleep.

    Day 3) My Bike starts with e-starter again :scratch: :mrgreen: But i have no headlight ...although the indicator is working :scratch:
    After Breakfast we helped Allan to get the frontforks off his bike...than Marco and me were heading towards Phitsanulok which is again a nice road, weather was fine too . Tony did a different and faster route back to BKK as he was still not too well having a cold.
    We made some stopover at Route 12 Coffeshop/Shops ( and soon there seems to be some "homestay" or "Resort" too there) where i made this pics:





    Just before Phitsanulok we had some Lunch (stick rice , grilled chicken & Pork) which was really nice - some pics:




    Phitsanulok, Marco and me split and i took route 117 back home , while marco went on towards Maesot.

    It was some great riding and lot of nice talks in between ...i enjoyed this trip a lot.
    Thanks guys for coming and hope we can do something like this again in future ,

    happy trails,

  2. Mbox
    Nice one. :thumbup:
    Good to see different guys from different provinces meeting up for a ride.
    Unbelievable too, looks like you had "good" weather.
    Thanks for the"Ride & Report."
  3. Guys, nice ride ! Reinhard, good to see you enjoying your XV750 ! Sorry that you did have no nice weather at Phoo Hin Rongkla. Keep em comin', cheers, Franz
  4. Thanks for sharing the ride and the pictures with us on GTR. A great trip on roads that are familiar to me. From what I remember all the steeper road sections on the 2331 are before you reach the viewpoint and the way down in the Nakon Thai direction is much easier, but if in doubt especially given the weather, best to do what is more comfortable for the group. I travelled that road when it was wet and still had roadworks and unfinished surface, I was really glad I was on the BMW GS and not my FJR. I admire Marco piloting his bus around those roads, and hope to catch up with him in CM soon. Look forward to enjoying more of your ride reports now we surely must be nearly at the end of this wet weather.
  5. Thanks to all!

    Franz, the weather was actually fine to Phoo Hin Rongkla it had even a fog ...gave us the feeling of being in the Austrian "Salzkammergut" :smile1:
    The weather was starting rainy when we were at Khao Kho ...reason we turned around at Phoo Hin Rongkla was the likeliness of washed out roads and no joy of riding portholes really.
    My Virago was doing actually not bad at all , still need to sort something electrical , the carb tuning ( balancing), and i also want the exhaust exchanged, that thing is very noisy. It was my first multi day trip here in thailand as i normally do one day loops not sure when time allows me to do that again, but i am quite happy doing the dayloops also ( i can do the 2331 in a one day loop from nakwan).
    It was the first longer trips back to back on the XV750 and specially in curvy & hilly roads and i had to get used to it first but i must say it handles pretty well and i feel a lot better after riding it this last curvey Trips.

  6. Hi John, on the 2331 at the steep climb it was really nice and will do the other side at Nakhon Thai in future too...after all i could actually do this as a daytrip really.
    You are right , how Marco cruising his yacht on the twisties is amazing....500kg on 2 wheels :happy3: .
    My Virago is at the "Doctor" now and gets the original exhaust (w/silencer) back and the carb better adjusted. The electrical is also being checked again.
    So hopefully all is well thereafter :happy1: .

    Depending your riding style but i would think the BMW GS is really fine for most road conditions here....The FJR i like also ,just better to avoid roads in poor condition.
    happy trails,

  7. Hey Gents!

    Finally had a chance to edit some pictures- as it turns out I really didn't take many pics, mostly video, and I'll get to work editing the videos and uploading them to YouTube later today.

    In the interim here are a few pics from last weeks fun trip to Petchabun and Loei :happy5:

    Allan and the VX- down but not out!

    Very impressed by Allan's positive attitude throughout! :clap:

    What a nice copper- offering to carry Allan and the VX straight to the hotel in Petchabun some ~50km away!

    The VX, unfortunately, is fooked... :thumbdown:

    So, get to the hotel a bit late and Marco is waiting for us- we tell him the tale of our fallen comrade who shows up shortly after. We get the VX out of the pick-up and get checked into the Burapa hotel- cheap but adequate, and hit the road for the incredible 2331 to Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park-

    It was pretty cool riding through land slides and into the clouds- the last ~5km or so to the top at ~1600 meters was mostly in the clouds and felt rather surreal. The cloud cover was pretty thick but at one point the clouds lifted a bit and I was able to snap a quick shot of the amazing view-

    A few pics of the bikes at the top of Route 2331-

    Really quite an interesting mix of bikes- from the little Ninja 250R sport bike to mbox's Virago cruiser to my GSXR beastie to Marco BMW Land Yacht! :mrgreen:

    Crossing the wet, slippery and muddy landslides on the GSXR was a bit nerve wracking but I made it up and down in one piece! :wtf:

    More pics and vids coming soon!

    Tony :mrgreen:
  8. FYI- the 2331 up to the entrance of Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park is in excellent condition despite all of the rains and a few landslides, but when the SSR Hooligans rode THROUGH the park about a month ago the road IN the park was in TERRIBLE condition. With that in mind we figured with all the recent rain that it would only be worse which is why we decided to go back down the 2331, knowing already that it was in good shape.
    Ironic that the 2331 which is FREE is in perfect condition, but the road through the National Park which you have to pay to use is in terrible condition.
    At any rate- I'd recommend folks avoid riding through Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park until they have a chance to repave that road- it was REALLY REALLY rough when we did it about a month ago.
    Ride On!
  9. Here's a bike cam vid from last weeks fantastic ride.

    This video was taken on the second day when we rode a big loop from Petchabun to Loei via Dan Sai on the 203 and back via the 201 and Highway 12 through Nam Nao National Park.

    This video was taken on the first section of Route 203 from Lom Sak to Dan Sai.
    [youtube:173bm5pf] /youtube:173bm5pf]

    More to come!

    Ride On!

  10. Here's a vid from day 1 riding down Route 2331 from the summit at 1667 meters.
    Fantastic road but had to take it easy this time on account of the landslides and water and crud.
    Always good fun to watch Marco pilot the BMW Land Yacht! :mrgreen:
    [youtube:2uh7etr3] /youtube:2uh7etr3]
    Ride On!
  11. Riding Highway 12 West from Lom Sak Thailand Oct 2010

    LOVE THIS ROAD! :thumbup:

    [youtube:2meyv9zo] /youtube:2meyv9zo]

    Woohoo! :happy5:

  12. Wow Tony, in the last VDO while overtaking the 3 fellow riders, looked like they were on slow scooters !!! 555555 :mrgreen:
    One thing I noticed, did your right slider come loose ?? Check it out as it turns while you ride the bike or is it that way, most are bolted fast.....
    Keep 'em comin', cheers, Franz
  13. Cheers Franz! Yep, Highway 12 is a real race track of a road! Impossible to go slow on that road! :mrgreen:
    And you are of course correct- the slider was a bit loose, which I noticed while watching the video that evening. Tightened it up for day 2 :wink:
    Ride On!
  14. You right Franz, this looks like we are "walking" but we did approx.120kph on that road :eek: - so you can imaging how Tony was "flying" his GSXR :twisted: ...i think a good Bike and even more so a very skilled Rider make a big difference in the riding on Route 12

  15. Hope someone gave the helpful police some whisky or beer for his trouble!!!!

    Thanks for the report, know some of those roads well, having lived in loei off an on for near on 2 years


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