The hills are a light south of Mae Hong Son.

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    The hills are a light south of Mae Hong Son.

    This photo was taken from the Coffee shop lookout south of Mae Hong Son.

    It looked like the Coffee shop almost went up in flames, as all the trees and grass around the shop were burnt out.
    In the gully below the shop, and across to the mountain in the distance, the fire was still burning.
    There was a few guys conducting fire reduction by burning off the under growth along the highway, so maybe there controlled fire got a little out of control.

    I suppose fires are something to keep in mind if you’re riding in the bush at this time of year. This is not far from the elephant trail.

    View from the view point south of Mae Hong Son

    Also this is the view from the viewpoint between Mae Hong Song and Soppong.

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    I Think this Season will Be Long, Hot and Very Polluted! They seem to have started Early this Year and it is already very Dry. Water Levels have dropped right down! The People in This part of the World Love Burning everything, Regular Pyromaniacs they are to the Detriment of all of Us including themselves!!! Shame as it could be the Best time of Year here if they would keep their Lighters in their Pockets!!!

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