The John Gooding Day tour trip

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    GPS Make / Model:- Zumo 660

    GPS Track Name:- J.Gooding_day_trip

    GPS Track Recorded by:- Brian_bkk

    Start :- CNX

    End:- CNX

    Way Points:- Doi Mae Salong and various places of interest

    Date :- August

    Season :- Rainy

    Conditions :- Good weather

    Other comments you would like to add:-

    John has kindly offered to add information regarding the routes and sites to see from the trip we did.
    It was a great day.. About 5 of us. John led the way and we did 473km.. A small ride.

    If you are new to the north.. You could easily turn this in to an over night trip by staying at Doi Mae Salong, visiting some of the sights.

    Attached files J.gooding_day_trip.gpx (680.3 KB)
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  3. johngooding

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    As nothing on my Mac will open the gpx file, I cannot look at the track, but the route we took was as follows:
    Left Chiang Mai on the 1001, passing Mae Jo University and continued to Phrao, once one gets of the dual carriageway leaving Chiang Mai, this is a pleasant, generally quiet road, with some good fast curves and nice scenery. After regroup and refreshemnts at the PTT Phrao, left for a few km on the 1150, before turning right at the Police Check Point onto the 1346. A small quiet road with great scenery and lovely varied terrain, generally good road surface and lots of curves and up down sections. Join the 107 at yet another Police CP, and through Chai Prakarn and onto Fang bypass, not the best section of road, with quite a bit of traffic from the fruit farming and quarrying in the area. The road becomes the 1089. Then the road gets more interesting, passing through Thaton and onto Army Border police checkpoint, turning left for Doi Mae Salong still called the 1089 and then the 1234, a lovely scenic, curvy run to DMS and Sweet Mae Salong for the usual high standard food and coffee. Due to the long day and a later puncture on Robs bike, ended up the same way back through Thaton, Fang, and stayed on the 107 into Chiang Mai. That day was a holiday day and almost no commercial traffic, so the 107 was a pleasure even as far as Mae Rim.
  4. mauris

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    Have you tried Garmin BaseCamp for Mac. Should not be a problem managing your tracks. Garmin BaseCamp for Mac Download
  5. Cruising

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    Another alternative from there,after an over night stay, would be to ride back to Fang and hang a left onto the 109,some really nice road and scenery through there and onto Mae Suai and then right onto the 118 and on to Chiang Mai.
  6. Changnoi1

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    John a bit late but ..... Mac downloads it as an XML file so rename the file by removing the XML (extension should now be GPX). Then click on it and Google Earth should be started (if you have Google Earth on your Mac installed). If you have GE but it does not start then you will see an question with what app you want to open the GPX file.

    Chang Noi
  7. johngooding

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    Actually that was the plan, but just after turning onto the 109 Rob got a rear flat, so backtracked to find air and by the time it was plugged dusk was approaching so took the quickest way back
  8. johngooding

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    Thanks for that, I did not know it was available for the Mac. Will give it a try, although have heard some funny stuff about Basecamp on the PC losing maps?
  9. mauris

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    Yes, I've heard that too. There are some troubles with the maps ....not originally purchased from Garmin and installed on the PC. But surprisingly not always the case.
    If you connect your GPS to the Mac, BaseCamp should display the map from the GPS and you also should be able to download the tracks and waypoints (for backup).
    The map will disappear from BaseCamp after disconnecting the GPS.
  10. AlaskaDave

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    You should definitely get Basecamp if you haven't already. It is a work in progress that I'm following closely by watching various forums but I've not heard of it "losing maps". I'm a seasoned Garmin user and have been using Mapsource for years (for PCs only) but Basecamp is vastly superior and has almost completely replaced Mapsource. And it runs well on a Mac.

    Btw, that was quite the day trip! You covered a lot of miles on roads that I've also ridden and loved. The 1150 is one of my faves as well as the 1089. The 1001 is pretty cool too. I live part time in Chiang Mai so the areas you travel are in my backyard so to speak. I might just head north to do the 1346 now that I've heard how good it is.

  11. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Thanks for that update AlaskaDave, I have to admit that I am still using Mapsource, but you have sparked my interest, so I will check out Basecamp. Cheers
  12. AlaskaDave

    AlaskaDave Member


    I just replied to moments ago to assure John that maps don't disappear from Basecamp. Now that I re-read your comment I see where my confusion lies. If the maps exist only on the SD memory card of your unit, then they will indeed disappear when you unplug your GPS. That's because the GPS is where they live. It doesn't matter if they are Garmin maps or open source maps. Only maps that have been installed on your computer are available all the time.

    I use and recommend that you try Open Street Maps for use here in Thailand. They are free and arguably better than Garmin's maps. Garmin's coverage is more complete but OSM's maps, which rely on local map contributors like myself, are often more accurate. You can have these maps with installers for either Mac or PC that will install them on your computer so they are always visible in Basecamp. Then, using Basecamp's built in Sendmap function you can put them on your Garmin's micro SD card for use on the road. Those maps are being constantly updated so if an untraveled area shows no roads one day, there might be roads there next day (or next month) as soon as some contributor gets there to explore. As an added bonus, they do a pretty good job of auto-routing.

    Free Auto-routing Maps for Garmin can be downloaded here:

    Depending on server load when you make your request it may take from several minutes to a few hours before you can download your map.
  13. AlaskaDave

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    There are certain caveats, as I said. Building a route in Basecamp sucks. That is the one time I still go to Mapsource. But Mapsource is no longer being supported. It's reached the end of its product life. Basecamp is still in development and will certainly improve over time.

    Happy Trails ...

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