The Kok River - Day Off

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  1. The Kok River - Day Off
    Date: 15.06.2008
    The Way: Fang -Thaton
    Route: 107
    Distance: 25.8km.
    Total time: 45min.
    Boat trip: Thaton - Chiang Rai 3h
    Songtao trip: Chiang Rai - Thaton 90min.
    Riders: thailasse and three thaillasses friends
    Bikes: 4 x Honda AX-1 250 cc

    Here are a few picture and little trip report our Kok River day off in june 08. We celebrated the one day off, we ride only from Fang to Thaton. And Thaton we spent a day off riding. The Ko River day off program "included" a boat trip Thaton - Chiang Rai and Songtao trip Chiang Rai - Thaton.

    The Pics:
    Lasse's Paradise

    The Kok River day off -You Tube video.

    Our Hotel, Thaton Chalet




    Mae Nam Kok, Thaton


    Mae Nam Kok


    Thaton boat office




    Public boat 350thb / person


    But we chose charter boat


    The boat trip can begin





    Ban Mae Salak, drinking break










    Boat driver


    Start raining




    Ban Ruam Mit, drinking break




  2. Thailasse - I know you like offroad riding as I've met you guys on the trails before. Just a heads up. There is a good fun loop of mostly offroad riding going down one side of the Kok river where you guys travelled on the boat.

    Starting from Ban Mae Salak (the concrete bridge in your picture) go south on the road through Mae Salak and you'll see a left turn available that is concrete for a bit until it turns to dirt near the river. Its a great trail going down that side of the river. Eventually you will come into a small village that contains that footbridge you have in your picture that goes over the river. Two options: 1. Ride across the footbridge to a proper dirt road. Hang a right and go for a couple hundred yards to a small shop for drinks and snacks. You can ride another (about) 2 km's down the road, paved now, to the elephant camp you visited if you like.
    2. or you can continue past he footbridge until the trail turns into pavement and you'll be about 12-15KM's outside chiang rai if thats what you'd like.

    Or to return to Thaton just go across the footbridge to the east side of the river. Head north and its fast flowing dirt almost all the way. You will come out on the 1089 about 10 km east of Thaton if memory serves me right.

    The complete loop is a good fun day ride. Enjoy yourself.
  3. Hello BignTall and thanks for great tip. Last june I say my friends, some day I want to ride over that foodbridge. 2007 we riding Mae Suai - Wawi - Mae Salak section. Last june I had plans to ride The Kok River - Akha loop, Ban Mai - Pa Kwang - Ruam Mit - Chiang Rai but it was bad weather that we decided to change the routing of.

    I know that the footbridge to the south side of the route goes, but I did not know just exactly where is it going. Now I know, your tips of and this route can also be found an excellent The Golden Triangle Loop map.

    I wat to ride sometime in the future of this route. BignTall, many thanks for reminding and the great tips.
  4. on 2 wheels , baja or mtb , this is my favorite area too :

    ( topic about same : ... t4008.html )

    both sides of the kok river have many trails to explore , to Thaton , Wawee , Kun Korn waterfall , Akha Hill , Mae Chan - Mae Salong checkpoint

    some are good enough for supermotard trim , but not always recommended , sometimes climbs with sharp stones & rock , or deep ruth , going down steep & faster & faster , ...

    it seems for me i find here everything i want and don ' t get much out of chiangrai province , doing mostly daytrips or a short afternoon blast

    Start from Pra Sert hot spring , kok river
    1. Tha Ton ( ban mae salak )

    Pra seert hot spring chiang rai , 30 k very beautifull ride on left side on kok river , welknown to everyone i guess , have a 30 baht hot pool , and surrounding is now being modernized
    During the week it ‘ s very quiet , only weekends more family ’ s having a picknick & hot swim , also possible to have a private spa
    There used to be a very good massage also but seems to be out of business
    Welkome to modernization : steel & concrete , we love it

    local tourguide

    still can get dirty ;

    always follow the main trail and you cannot go wrong and end up at Ban Mae Salak , altough before the end are two possibilities after this bridge :
    go right , follow the river ( confusing pic : bike is already heading back to chrai )

    go left pas trough a few villages
    and ask main road to thaton , and come out here :


    go right down on asphalt road ( left is direction Wawee ) but a bit further it get much better
    absolutely great stuf , and dust , if you have a clear view , go for it , let the beast go

    absolutely the best high speed offroad downhill i know off , sorry not more pictures , , truck and dust was coming my way , had to get out of there quickly

    this big road under construction comes out at same place , bridge kok river ban mae salak ,
    and back to rd 1089 , come out here
    and another 10k to Tha Ton , for a well deserved lunch


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