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  1. Hi All,
    I bought the map and am going to try it in Tuesday.
    My liter bike needs repairs and the rental shop recommends a Phantom.
    It certainly has a very good riding position...

    Are there gas stations or should i look for filled Whiskey bottles on the die of the road?

    Any tips? I bought the GT Rider map, of course.

    I'll give the waterfall and other attractions a miss and enjoy the ride.

    Hope the weather will be okay as I forgot the jacket as it was so hot when i left Bangkok.

    Ride on,
  2. Or would 400 cc be the minimum for an enjoyable ride? Not sure how steep the mountain roads will be. And how astmathic the Phantom's 200 cc single is.

    My own bike cannot be used.

    Thanks to David FL's recommendation, I am having Piston Shop fix it. The owner speaks better English than me - it's a pleasure to deal with these guys!

  3. Thanks, Captain Slash; the Phantom it is!

    Chiang Mai is a wonderful place.

    Chris :happy2:

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