The Most Boring Road In The North?

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  1. I thought I was having a bad dream the other day, when I came across this...... it must be the longest piece of flat and apparently perfectly straight road, in the north.

    It went On and On and On and On.................... for 14.8 klms.!

    So at a steady country speed, that's about 15 minutes riding, without a bend........

    2017-10-30 15.15.26.

    Zoom in about 4 electric poles and you can see a car coming several klms away....!
    2017-10-30 15.15.26  zoomed.

    On the map it is here, east of Dok Kham Tai. My advice would be.... don't go there....... It was horrible..!

    Boringist straightest.
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  2. Nice for a speed test
  3. Theres a stretch of road between Tak and CNX.....just shit. Dry, dusty and boring AF. + I got a flat. Bugger ;

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