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    Off on the Phrao Loop for a leisurely Sunday cruise & some fresh air.
    I’ve been down these roads scores of times,
    The Phrao Loop: AT Shakedown Ride
    usually in a hurry out for a quick thrash because the road through the hills south of Phrao is a beauty
    GTR - IMG_5576.JPG
    but once on the flat today that colourful teepee- looking chedi finally caught my attention enough to cause me wonder of for a look.
    GTR - IMG_5623.

    GTR - IMG_5622B.

    It’s a bumpy concrete trail in through the lamyai orchard
    GTR - IMG_5619B.JPG

    to arrive at a "psychedelic wat."
    GTR - IMG_5613.JPG

    A weird place if it ever was, or at least we thought.
    GTR - IMG_5610.B.

    GTR - IMG_5603.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5602B.

    GTR - IMG_5605B.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5593.

    GTR - IMG_5601B.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5587B.
    a circumnavigation of the wat done it was time to move on a bit more towards Phrao

    the amazing orchard roller coaster ride next...

    GTR - IMG_5646.JPG
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    Back on the highway R1001 & you head north for another 10.5 kms & up on the right was another chedi sticking up, with what I thought maybe a nice view overlooking the Phrao valley.
    The chedi is not much & there's no view
    GTR - IMG_5625.JPG

    BUT it does Put YOU on R4049
    GTR - IMG_5627B.JPG

    which turns into an absolute beauty of a steep undulating rural back road through the orchards & farms
    GTR - IMG_5660.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5637B.

    GTR - IMG_5629.

    GTR - IMG_5631B.JPG

    GTR - IMG_5633.

    The countryside is all rolling hills & orchards / farmland
    GTR - IMG_5659B.JPG

    The ride gets a bit exhilarating. Brand new concrete. Zero traffic
    GTR - IMG_5646B.JPG

    Wouldnt you love to hook right into this
    GTR - IMG_5650B.JPG

    crest a blind hill and
    GTR - IMG_5656B.JPG

    the bridge is not yet done.
    GTR - IMG_5657B.JPG
    indeed lucky we did not have it nailed.

    Back track & back out on the highway it was.
    Lunch was in Phrao in the aircon at the Phrao Steak House

    45 minutes later the sky was as black as in the West so we beat a fast retreat back down the 1001, across to the Mae Ngat dam, past Wat Ban Den
    GTR - IMG_5666.
    Wat Ban Den - one of the North's most spectacular temples

    & home to Mae Rim.

    Elevation profile of R4049 at the south end

    Check it out sometime, there's more than one road out there.

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  3. Thanks. Often wondered about that colourful stupa.

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