The ride for cake Via Mae Chan, Mae Salong, Thaton, Mae Ai, Fang, Mae Suai

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  1. Fancied some cake this morning and where better to go than Charin but I was due a ride too so went the scenic route from Chiang Rai Via Mae Chan, Mae Salong, Thaton, Mae Ai, Fang and Mae Suai before heading back the normal way. Left about 8am and there was still a chill in the air even though the fog had cleared, headed up towards Mae Chan then the 1089 to Thaton. As I approached Thaton I joined a group of about eight bikes for a while (BMW, Versys and some CRF250's) but they stopped in Thaton so I waved them goodbye and continued to Mae Ai for coffee. The fog was still around up here and it was pretty cold riding for about 30mins, the 7/11 I stopped at soon warmed me up though even with the air-con on!

    After a friendly chat with the ladyboy that made my coffee (PTT in Mae Ai if anyone is interested) I carried on to Fang then the 107 and 109 towards Mae Suai. I could smell the cake from here so made use of the Z1000's power and was soon at Charin. As I pulled in I noticed a Versys with custom paint I'd seen on gt-rider recently, Mr David Unkovich was there too, what a bonus! He was just leaving but we chatted for a while and also with Marcel who was off to Chiang Mai to buy a DR650 and new helmet. The cake, as always, was mighty tasty and well worth the 3hr ride! Below are some pics (hopefully, had problems uploading on here before) of the ride, this is my first trip report but as I'd just bought a new camera I thought I'd take a few snaps on this ride and share them.
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  4. Hi Stu, nice fotos you took !! The one with the S-shaped downward turns looks slippery though; one can see that a lot of oil's there. The other one about the cake I like very much, you are watering my mouth !!!
    Well, Marcel just left my place where we finished the DR650 deal. See you soon on the road ! B.rgds, Franz
  5. Cheers Franz. The s-shaped road looks worse than it actually is, all roads were pretty good yesterday. Hope Marcel enjoys his new road, hopefully see you out and about one day.
  6. Yay, it was pretty funny & good luck meeting up with you guys at Charin.
    Brake034 it was a pleasure meeting you & putting a face to your GTR username.
    Stu I see you got the last slice of the Boston Pie at Charin that morning. I had been eyeing it off myself, but went for 1x Apple Pie + 1 x Coconut Pie +2 Cappuccinos, to makeup my breakfast - skipping out brekky in CEI just to pig out at Charin on the way home. Such is life...

    Stu & Franz
    yes that certainly is an amazing bit of road.

    Now from the GTR Golden Oldies here is the road being built in 1991


    it often used to be hard work getting up & down there on our hot 125 machines. Ha Ha.
  7. Love those old Photo's. Suspect many of us will be doing the same with Laos pics in the coming years


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