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    we are travelling 2 up on a Honda Domi 650 from Australia and are now in Krabi. We are looking for advice on whether we should go North to ChangMai then Laos , through to Cambodia and back to Thailand or the other way round....Thailand Cambodia Loas to Changmai. Think we have done too much research and now need hands on advice .
    It would be great to catch up with anyone en route...we have a few months to kill.
    Cheers Skip and Rachel
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  3. 2Up Chiang Khong

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    Hi Skip & Rachel,

    There are many options to your question so will keep it very simple. As the wet season progresses the roads will only get worse. And they are the worst in Cambodia, then Laos and those in Thailand can be enjoyed no matter how much a point. Massive flooding last week made some parts of Thailand a bit of a challenge.

    So possibly Cambodia first?? Then into Southern Laos and exit Northern Laos at Houei Xia and come into Northern Thailand at Chiang Khong in the top right hand corner of Thailand - only 5 hours of great riding from here to Chiang Mai. Plus a great deal to see in this sector of Northern Thailand, before heading over to the Western half of the North.

    David and Mai
    Always 2Up
    Chiang Khong
  4. skip

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    Cheers david....good to hear first hand ideas...weathers always a prob but we are going to push on.....
    Thanks for your ideas

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