The Samoeng loop map counterfeit

Apr 22, 2003
I was sending a couple staying in our guest house off to do the Samoeng loop the other day and fearless leader turned up to have breakfast, he quickly prompted me in wether or not i had sold them a map, yeah wait, wait Im working on it was the reply, the guy came down and joined us at the table so I asked "well do you want one of those maps" no its ok he replied this will do, he held up a note book and there was a pretty good sketch of the the loop, he had been in the stair well where i have the display map and he had sketched the thing down himself, unfortunately for David his eggs werent on the breakfast plate they were all over his face, but the guy did ask me as he was leaving where the water falls were, my reply was Im not sure you should have bought a map.