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The Samoeng Loop - Post Your Photos here

Discussion in 'Touring Northern Thailand - Trip Reports Forum' started by DavidFL, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. A new photo sticky. This one for the Samoeng Loop.

    The Samoeng Loop is the famous 100 kms loop / circumnavigation of Doi Suthep / Pui mountain from Chiang Mai. Everyone does it at least once, if not on a regular basis.

    So let's build up a Samoeng Loop ride photo collection.
    Take a photo of yourself + bike in front of
    1. The Samoeng Police Box T Junction & the GT Rider banner.
    2. The Samoeng viewpoint on R1096.

    Scotty007 has the ball rolling
  2. Here's one from last August. Lucky I was wearing my GT Rider shirt eh?
    Wasn't much of a view that day but we weren't there for the view. We were sheltering from the rain :roll:

  3. I found this one from 2006,,,,,,,,,


    Thim (L) and my TDM. Big & Tall (Justin), Luke , and Snail (David Lek). I can't remember the occasion. :oops:
  4. 264562=806-18185774_h7PZN-L.

    Silverhawk, Motorbike Marcus & Turkish.
    26 February 2004
    & apologies it is not one of the "3 designated photo spots."

    10 May 2003
  5. Does video count?

    Taken 21st Nov 2010. I have no idea who the people were in the lookout.

    Sorry about the spelling........
  6. Homework done today! Went around with brother Klaus, wonderful weather for biking (slightly covered for pictures).


  7. went to Samoeng loop today. very nice road :)

  8. From the first Toy Ride

    was it 4 years ago Silverhawk?

    only seems like yesterday
  9. The Samoeng viewpoint on R1096

    thailasse & friends, july 2005



    thailasse & friends, july 2007

  10. Well since I have one lying around... there you go :)

  11. Took delivery of my Scrambler today so went for a squirt around the Samoeng loop (too late in the day for anything more adventurous) after Ian Bungy wound up the pre-load on the rear shocks at the XCentre. Always good to have a mechanic on hand!:thumbup:

  12. We reckon we may have seen you near the Mae Rim tun-off; Myriama on the Sonic, whilst I was just ahead of brother Michael on a 'Poor Man's Harley'. Heading home from a packed Sala Cafe - Klaus, brother of Jergen's great little cafe out that way.
  13. "Poor Mans Harley"???? I thought he was a lawyer??????
    Also forgot to post the photo of the mechanic.....

  14. Congratulations Ron.
  15. A Beautiful Bike, I am Sure You will have many Great Rides on it! All the Best.
  16. [​IMG]

    Not mine, but I had the pleasure of this around the loop, brilliant.

  17. Few hair cuts ago now... from my first trip up north after discovering GT-Rider and deciding to hire an XR250, after never having ridden a bike with gears before, and doing 'The Loop' plus some other day tours was a good idea...




  18. 11-28.
    Did the Samoeng Loop in december 2009, on a yamaha FZ150i

  19. Some of the Bikes that Called in today on their way around the Samoeng Loop!
    The BMW S1000RR is Alan's New Ride having just brought if from John Gooding!
    Quite a few Thai Riders out and about on a variety of Bikes!
    This is Richie on His Street Glide and a Friend on His Dyna.
    A bit Gloomy earlier but turned into a Beautiful afternoon!
  20. Seeing Ian's post above featuring my ex-ride, the S1000RR, here are some pics I took a couple of weeks back while enjoying the loop on our smallest addition to our personal transport fleet, the excellent Honda PCX. Not the conventional photo points, maybe some things that one does not have so much time to see when negotiating the curves and the sometimes inconsiderate traffic.

    I like to get the town traffic out of the way first and start from the Canal road, 1269 junction. Travelling clockwise also has the advantage of finishing at the X-Centre, where there is usually someone to compare notes with.

    So here the nice stuff starts, 36km to Samoeng village.

    Fondcome Village Resort, I have never stopped here. Is it worth it, for food, or anything else?

    Some of the many featured attractions along the loop, again, I am afraid I usually ride merrily along, totally ignoring these.


    Now why has someone parked this in their garden, Maybe awaiting the next flood, but then at around 400M?

    The locals prove that you do not need the latest most powerful machines to enjoy these roads, nice cornering technique

    Quarrying or natural erosion?

    A nice entrance to the estate

    Peaceful Valley living

    After some relatively gentle climbing with fun curves, one descends to a few of these rather severe dropping S Bends, best to get the braking done before the bend!

    Approaching the junction, where the 1269 continues 4 or so km to the village of Samoeng or the loop continues as the 1096 branches off right toward Mae Rim.

    The junction ahead, with its sleepy Police box and inhabitants. Maybe not too much to disturb a quiet life here.


    The view from the shelter at the Police Box, looking down toward Samoeng. I do not go down today, but its a good road down, with great views of the valley ahead, and some pleasant refreshment stops. One can get to Pai from Samoeng, small, sometimes rough, sometimes unsurfaced, roads wind through mountains and villages to Wat Chan and then to Pai, a much longer alternative to the busy 1095, but better suited to lighter, dual purpose, trailie type bikes.

    So to continue the Samoeng loop, turn right on the 1096 and the road climbs up, around good curves, with great views to the left. Now only 27km to Mae Rim, 44 to Chiang Mai.

    If you have no transport, you see a lot of these yellow buses on the loop, so take one of them. Not sure where they start from.

    Just 1km further on, something being cultivated on the hillsides, I wonder what it is?

    A view of the well known view point, just a few bends away. I did not stop there as it has been pictured many times.

    More cultivated and machined hillsides, roads being made up the hill and earth being removed for building fill in, as we drop down toward the more inhabited areas

    This very impressive and unneccessarily large junction, is likely to owe its presence to somebody needing the work rather than the traffic demands.

    For those of you who were not sure that Thailand was Paradise on Earth, here it is.

    Dropping down now past a number of attractions, such as the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden. Many others not photographed, where you can see, elephants, monkeys, insects, bees, etc etc......


    But for me it was a regular stop for refreshment and company at the X -Centre, courtesy of its lovely owners, Ian and Long, (well Long is lovely anyway)

  21. Totally agree.. when i started riding my vespa comparing to my ST. I realise i see more of the surrounding area and enjoy the ride better with my wife..
  22. Had a wonderful couple of days riding round Samoeng

    picking my own Papayas ... yum..yum
    Joe rented me this specially lowered D-Tracker which was great


    Then off to see our friends at the X-Centre


    Following a relaxing day at the spa I got to go on Ian's Harley


    wonderful company, great friends and the clouds were elsewhere
  23. Tuesday 26th July 2011

    a wonderful afternoon ride of the Samoeng Loop.
  24. I was there on wed.. Will be posting my share of pics. :)

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