The Sensational Steep Huai Kuk - Pha Tang Loop - Singapore Road


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Wandering around the mountains with Lan & the CP Crew from Chiang Mai we split at Pha Tang, they headed along the ridge line towards Phu Chiu Fah & onward; my time was up, time to head back to Chiang Khong. Starting down the big hill I spotted what looked like a nice spanking new concrete road vanishing off into the distance. Curiosity got the better of time for a meander....where the hell does that go?

GTR - IMG_7915.JPG

Each time you went around a corner it just seemed to wind on and on around the mountain
GTR - IMG_7900.JPG

Some of the sections were incredibly steep
GTR - IMG_7908.JPG

and when you're out there for the first time, not really knowing where you are going you sometimes wonder where it is going to end?

GTR - IMG_7914.JPG

The views are absolutely stunning

In the far distance you can catch glimpses of the Mekong
GTR - IMG_7942.JPG

View of the road ahead keep you going to wherever.
GTR - IMG_7925.JPG

In the middle of nowhere, a Chinese tomb for a couple.
GTR - IMG_7905.JPG

Suddenly the road drops down into a Hmong village Huai Kuk
GTR - IMG_7946.JPG

Stopped at a shop for a life saving bottle of sponsor, the locals tell me its only another 4 kms down & you should pop out on the highway R1155. It's easier & quicker going out that way, no need to go back up the mountain to Pha Tang. Whoopee, good news .

I celebrated with a selfie with an old Hmong woman hanging out at the shop.

It's funny how it goes. Sometimes you can strike up an immediate friendly rapport with the locals somehow.
This gal was a bit unsure, but yes it was ok to take a selfie photo. She loved the photo but didn't have a phone - now that's something for nowadays?
So I swapped line contacts with the shopkeeper & sent her the two selfies I took with the old lady.
As I left the old Hmong lady was sitting on her stool holding the shop keeper's mobile phone in her hand & laughing at the two photos! An absolute winner and a wonderful heart warming experience. Life is good when you can do such simple things to bring joy to poor people.

From Huai Kuk, the road is was not supposed to be as steep, but I'm not really sure on that. It's one hell of a road & right up there with the best for a steep ride I think.
GTR - IMG_7952.JPG

The ride through the corn & hill rice fields is one of breath taking beauty today.

GTR - IMG_7964.JPG

GTR - IMG_7954.JPG

GTR - IMG_7958.JPG

GTR - IMG_7960.JPG

Running along the ridge line
GTR - IMG_7949.JPG

then it suddenly drops off
GTR - IMG_7948.JPG

Comes to a road junction
GTR - IMG_7988.JPG

Right goes back up in the mountains
GTR - IMG_7987.JPG

left continues on down the hill gently on a bumpy dirt road to R1155 (& Wiang Kaen).
GTR - IMG_7991.JPG

1.5 kms later you're on the main road R1155
GTR - IMG_7993.JPG

An exhilarating steep steep 26 kms loop from the same point on R1155

Check it out sometime.
Here's how it looks in google Earth.

and oh yeah, I've spotted another mountain road which should stupendous views as well.

GTR - IMG_7982.JPG

I never quite made it to the top at my first attempt. So it must be time for another look.
Too many roads & not enough time.
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Dec 9, 2008
Great Stuff, David. The country folk in the mountains are usually such nice people.
Fantastic looking roads, must get over there soon.....


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Dec 27, 2013
Thanks for your time and effort in posting the great trip report. I have ridden the area but never that road......on my list now!


Dec 9, 2008
I went up that road, the opposite way, a few days ago.
Turned left off the 1155 at this point;


Also a beautiful day in rainy season, with some blue skies and showers around.
2018-09-10 14.33.14.jpg
2018-09-10 14.38.44-1.jpg
2018-09-10 14.46.47-1.jpg
2018-09-10 14.46.52-1.jpg
2018-09-10 14.49.39-1.jpg
2018-09-10 14.55.48.jpg
2018-09-10 14.55.58.jpg

Its always fantastic when you come around a corner and see something like this....
2018-09-10 14.59.10.jpg
2018-09-10 15.04.17.jpg
2018-09-10 15.13.47-1.jpg
2018-09-10 15.14.00.jpg

Thanks for the tip, David. Nice one.
After reaching Pha Tang, I headed south along the ridge to Pu Chee Fah and came across a bit of road slip;
2018-09-10 15.51.32.jpg

Then back down on the 1155, at the southern end, the great leaning tree is still there.....
2018-09-10 16.42.03-1.jpg

Although, the old communist battles commemoration sign, a bit further along, by the side of the road has now gone.
A local told me it has been taken up to Phu Chee Fah somewhere.... plenty of old commies still up there apparently.
This was the sign, as it was 8 years ago. I guess it doesn't suit with the current political climate......
2012-09-24 15.00.53.jpg


Dec 9, 2008
Someone put some thought into making that sign.
Actually, it doesn't appear to be glorifying communism, more like commemorating the fighting and the final victory over communism by the govt forces.
The guy at the top left is holding the Thai flag, whereas the communist flag is on a bamboo stick behind a bush. That is behind the Democracy monument but in front of Phu Chee Fah. That indicates the communists were holding the ridge but the democratic govt forces won in the end. The opium plants/fields were no doubt part of the story, perhaps making money to buy arms. You do have to wonder though, why the govt soldiers on the bottom left are wearing gas masks..?