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    Thanks to GT Rider who inspired us to make our own Golden Triangle run. After a few queries on this site we mapped out a plan. With bikes rented from Tony's Big Bikes we began our journey.

    Day 1: Riding on 2 CB300Fs and a Ninja 250 and dressed in heavy jackets we left Chiang Mai and headed south to Hwy 108 and Mae Sariang for an overnight stay, stopping at Doi Inthanon along the way. Now was time to ditch the jacket, and pull out the old trusty long sleeve shirt....damn it's hot. We take in a coffee break and watch as a truck load of fish go by followed by a truck load of elephants. Back on the road again we make Mae Sariang late arvo and find our hotel/motel/Karaoke bar on the hwy for the was cheap and comfortable and the ladies brought out the beer and ice to cool us down. Maps%20-%201_zpsr8jy6hrz. The The Roadmap From%20Mobile%20-%20014_zpsxdbbtecb. From%20Mobile%20-%20015_zpszmwdyz5l. SonyPix%20-%20024_zpsbsmyytkj. From%20Mobile%20-%20020_zpsa8fje0cb. SonyPix%20-%20029_zpstuuw4bp3. Maps%20-%203_zpslqnebksd. From%20Mobile%20-%20023_zpstpgbtm26.
    The menu From%20Mobile%20-%20027_zpsspzrlgw4. SonyPix%20-%20021_zpsm6dtckip.

    Day 2: Next day a quick tour around the town we taking in a few temples we refuelled and headed for Mae Hong Son. Excellent road conditions made the curves and switchbacks fairly easy. Stopping for a coffee break along the way we made MHS late in the afternoon. With a beer or two at Crossroads Bar we quickly located some digs for the night a couple of doors down and settle the gear. I split from the other guys and headed up to the Mountain Wat to take in the sunset with an iced coffee. Back to Crossroads for dinner and a few more beers and a stroll down to the lake and market to score a 1864 Curves TShirt then back for another beer (Chang of course) and hit the sack. Next morning was brekky at Crossroads, a big thanks to the guys and I leave our SOA trademark on the bars mirror. From%20Mobile%20-%20031_zpssao1evvt. From%20Mobile%20-%20036_zps3cbohdp5. From%20Mobile%20-%20038_zpsqbfhmvvl. SonyPix%20-%20040_zpsmtfylmbr. SonyPix%20-%20047_zpsocrmrxng. From%20Mobile%20-%20047_zpsyrlc2hv7. Happy Birthday
    From%20Mobile%20-%20040_zpsozqmicke. From%20Mobile%20-%20046_zpsixmtvdpi.

    Day 3: Heading for Pai we take in a waterfall (in drought), some birthday cake at a coffee house with the locals, the Fish Cave (confusing roadsigns) then hang on to the sphincter for those upcoming curves, bends and switchbacks that lay ahead. Pai was the next over-nighter, a lovely place unfortunetly filled with peaceniks and upmarket hippies singing 60s hits on the street (go to Nimbin guys) Our bungalows for the night near the river were great and priced well at 500bht, a great bar across the road run by Benny and owned by a straightup Sth African, Marius. He directed us to eat at Na's for was the best food you could have for an unrealistic price. Mine was the Massaman pork curry with naan and 2 chang for 160bht. The first bowl I licked clean. Beautiful food and Na was lovely, you must go there. Walking off dinner its back to Benny's for drinks with other travellers and leave the SOA trademark.
    SonyPix%20-%20050_zpshz3thtjf. From%20Mobile%20-%20053_zpsxntnsg3i. From%20Mobile%20-%20055_zpsypcwskgj. From%20Mobile%20-%20060_zpsjhv3riov. SonyPix%20-%20063_zpsnm23q4iw. From%20Mobile%20-%20064_zpsrsjyvb6x. From%20Mobile%20-%20065_zpsvxbh5wjv. From%20Mobile%20-%20068_zpspoxypoit. SonyPix%20-%20057_zpsrjmkjxxf. From%20Mobile%20-%20066_zpsme65wsq4.

    Day 4: Leaving Pai we head for Chiang Dao along the 1095 and 107 where the roads open up for speed. Stopping at a Geyser and hot springs (to hot a day to go in) we check out the geyser smell, visit the bungalows and leave. At 300bht for the entry fee, there was not much to offer. Maybe the could use the money to fix the 6km access's pretty bad, so bad a couple of German girls on a scooter lost it in the gravel, both got pretty cut up we offered what assistance we could. Standard shorts, thongs and no helmet accident, they where ok when we left. We eventually pull up for the night staying at the Chiang Dao Hotel, a big hotel at 400 a night and dinner across the road, entertained by the locals waiting for the bus. From%20Mobile%20-%20071_zpskiiwsegk. From%20Mobile%20-%20074_zpsvm8ds23o. SonyPix%20-%20072_zpsfedkwwti.

    Day 5: Head out to visit the local caves (hot and stuffy...take a torch with you) then back on the 107 then the 109 to wind up in Chiang Rai, funnily enough in the massage district. Somehow we pull up outside the Aussie Bar and settle down with Woodsy for a guess what...Chang Chang Chang. Dennis has done his clutch cable and heads out to Kawasaki to get a new cable fitted. Meanwhile we get info on the Boon Bundan Guesthouse for our overnight stay. A nearby restaurant for dinner we meet up with some other local business owners and ending up leaving the customary SOA trademark. From%20Mobile%20-%20085_zpsnaxocpdw. SonyPix%20-%20075_zpskxhtpntt. SonyPix%20-%20080_zpsnwjnouzc. From%20Mobile%20-%20091_zpsjplh41mo.

    Day 6: A late start to the day we travel to The White Temple for a sight see, the boys sit back while I get happy snaps. A detour to Hwy 1 we head for Mai Sae to the Burmese Border Gate. A coffee, a smoke pix at the border and 62 wasted kilometres later we head off for Chang Khong on the 1041 to Chiang Saen and the 1129 finishing up at Wiang. Best way to get any info is to stop at a bar, this one was run by a tall Belgian guy, he gave Dennis a lift to a few places to check out before deciding on the Day Waterfront Hotel...rather pricey but big rooms and view was great. The manager gave us a great map of Thailand which really came in handy. Dinner back at the bar and lots of good conversation with our SOA trademark gratefully accepted. From%20Mobile%20-%20096_zpswgekdef5. SonyPix%20-%20103_zps1ofu0bxq. From%20Mobile%20-%20101_zps9qhbmdna. SonyPix%20-%20115_zpsphgjo1kb. From%20Mobile%20-%20108_zps14q4e5ge. From%20Mobile%20-%20111_zpsnhktwgtj.

    Day 7: Heading off to the Border Crossing with Laos for a few snaps then down the hwy 1020 turning left onto the 1155 for some mountain runs then the 1093 for the climb up to Phu Chi Fa. What a fantastic piece of road, something at every turn, great valley drops and views. We locate some accommodation at the Phu Chi Fa Inn, bungalows at 300 for fan and 500 for AC. A walkway path down the back will take you thru some of the forest below. Fantastically they sell cold beer at the reception so Chang Chang Chang was to be had as we settled in. Whilst in beer mode a young backpacker couple roll in on their scooter to settle in and join our party. With a family run restaurant down the road, we all head off for another fantastic and cheap meal with cold beer for under 700 for the five of us. Lovely daughter too. From%20Mobile%20-%20112_zpsluwt73cl. From%20Mobile%20-%20129_zpseqa7sfr6. SonyPix%20-%20136_zpshvc1mpi5. From%20Mobile%20-%20118_zpsxzn2ggc4. From%20Mobile%20-%20138_zps7qwxifj3. SonyPix%20-%20137_zpsxybszpfa. SonyPix%20-%20119_zpsxefpnoka. Panoramas%202015%20-%203_zpsy8ua5i4r.

    Day 8: Up at 5am and on the bikes to ride the 4 kms up to the Viewpoint carpark, then the arduous walk to the cliff edge. Make sure you take the trail to the right. 20 minutes later you are standing at the edge of Thailand looking down into Laos in the valley mists below. Definitely a Kodak moment as the sun spikes over the horizon to bathe the forest in light. With that event done its back down the hill and off for breakfast at the restaurant. With the bikes ready loaded its 8am and time to roll.....Nan is a long way....230ks of mostly mountain roads. So along the 1083 to the 1148 connecting with the 1080. Unfortunately some of the road signs are tricky so this is where the Mobile Phone and Maps was handy. There are a few strange ways to do a u-turn so if you miss the signs your heading the wrong way (eh Dennis?). Arriving in Nan I buzz the brother-in-law Rod who lives and teaches here (red CBR600) to come rescue us while we wait for Dennis to turn up. With some quick pointing he heads us to the Nan Steak House, after a few fluke turns the Changs were opened and another clink of longnecks to celebrate the days ride. Rod catches up with us after 5 when he has finished teaching and finds a hotel for us to stay then its down to his local watering hole, a corner shop for a few more ales with his mate Karl. The owner quickly puts more longnecks on ice. Running his scooter Rod lifts us one by one back to the Nan Steak House for dinner where we meet Ingamar the Swedish owner joining us in the Changfest, he brings out the road atlas to direct our next trail to Phayao as time to get back to CM is running out.
    From%20Mobile%20-%20139_zpsvpilyzz5. From%20Mobile%20-%20141_zpsxbfsaqun. From%20Mobile%20-%20150_zpssvuzdb6f. From%20Mobile%20-%20140_zpserkbyc20.

    Day 9: Riding in circles to find the right hwy we hit the 1091 and 1251 near Chang Khun then hook into the 1020 at Dok Kham Ta for the easy run into Phayao. Another stretch of amazing road to travel. At Phayao we settle next to the Lake at the Parisien Cafe then at a beautiful guesthouse Huanpak Jumjai to recharge batteries and rest the butt. That was shortlived....You got it, Chang Chang Chang. A frenchman gives me a quick guided tour of some places and suggests we take in the BBQ dinner and go to the local music bar called HUG. Back at Parisien for early pre dinner drinks the band is good but the place is full of boy ladies (les bians) so we split for the BBQ, all you can eat for 150bht and beer at 80. The only three westerners at the venue we engage a few eyes complete with the smiles. Stuffed with goodies its off to HUGs bar and into the cool music of a 5 piece band with variuos singers. The bar owner comes up to meet us, 3 white guys in a thai bar, has a great chat with us and thanks us for the patronage with a beer. A good tip to our waiter put a smile on his face and we're off to the hotel for sleep. From%20Mobile%20-%20147_zpsywjbetvy. From%20Mobile%20-%20156_zpsnxlkdwru. From%20Mobile%20-%20166_zpsmzbcbfav. From%20Mobile%20-%20168_zps1ci39qzj. From%20Mobile%20-%20173_zpsm8ccjcad. From%20Mobile%20-%20175_zpsaogewozt. From%20Mobile%20-%20172_zpsidn9pr5k. SonyPix%20-%20145_zpsxv1ygvia.

    Day 10: An easy ride today back to Chiang Mai on the 120 and 118, the pace picks up as the roads start to widen. Pulling up at the Top North its high fives all round, strip the bikes of cameras, phones and gadgets, turn on the air con and head straight to the pool and of course...Chang Chang Water. Its 4.30pm and time to give back our rides and with a big thanks to Duncan, Jeff and Bo the journey is done. With that we pass on the SOA trademark to Tony's Big Bikes to display. The downside to this was realising the ride was over. However plans are in motion for a return next year with more riders to do another trail. From here its Samui for 6 days R&R and Songkran.
  2. Looks like a great trip Guys. you undoubtedly bumped into Danny (Tall Belgium Guy) in Chiang Kong. he's likes a Changfest from time to time ;)

    That's got to be the best patch, MC colours I've seen. Why not start a Thailand Chapter. I'd certainly be proud to wear the Finger :smile1:

    Try the Chang Export next time, it's a bit cleaner and won't shed your Skin so easily
  3. Glad u guys had a good time & found GTR useful.

    Your report is most appreciated.

    Many thanks.
  4. Son of Arthritis, great name and colours, I reckon Id qualify for membership in your club. lol

    Great to see you guys enjoyed your Northern Thailand ride, its certainly a nice part of the world to tour on a motorcycle, and it looks like you took in the best of it. The Hug bar looks interesting, Ill have to check it out on my next trip to Phayao.

    What did you think of the CB300? I reckon it would have been a blast on the hwy120.

    Nice looking Yamaha Vstar you’ve got there.

    Cool report, thanks for putting it up.

  5. Cheers Moto-Rex, the trip was a blast, we all had our time to let it rip or just take it easy. The 300R's were great and the run back to CM from Phayao was rather pacey, bikes handled it well, glad the radar wasn't out. All a bit under par on the mountain climbs, gear selection could have been better (rider error). Already mapping out the next ride, hopefully the 2195 is up to scratch by then.
  6. Thanks David and GTR, wrapt in the post on FB too.
  7. Hey Lakota, thanks for filling the blank space there, yeh Danny was a great guy, he gave us some good info, that what was great about the trip....most of the bar/pub owners were very helpful along the journey for info and were all keen to accept the SOA sticker, Keep an eye out for them.
    Will make up a Thailand chapter of the logo, have one for the Gold Coast, so why not. I get Tees made here at .....Not cheap though.

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