The SSR Hooligans North Thai Trip 23-26 July 2010.

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    Bkk-Tak-Mae Sot-Mae Sariang-MHS-CM-Nan-Loei-Bkk.


    A couple of teasers....made it to Chiang Mai, despite the rain...



    at the Kafe in Chiang Mai.
    So far so good!
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    an awesome ride it was for us too, we joined this band of hooligans in mae sariang and then rode back to chiang mai with them. a furious pace was set and it all in all great fun. hope the guys enjoy loei and the banana boy finds his dream dwarf!
    and a safe trip back to bkk tommorow...
    bring on the next installment i say! :happy4: :happy5: :happy2:
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    Share some photos and especially if banana buy has capzice again in any means,,,im so far and cant enjoy riding right now

    but in the Sevastopol,Ukraine(Black Sea) we had about 300 Russina,Ukrainian,1Lonely Swed, and 1 check ride in there,, they had they annual bike ride from ALL over russia and i took pictures BUT i can access to any image download page from office comp so cant download pic atleast now,,,Had many Urals, Minsk,javas,Gold Wings(New and old) AT's,FJR,CBR,and 6 HUMMERS,, who said that russians are poor...
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    I too had a total blast - wet roads, light rain, and cold - none of it mattered a bit as we were speeding up and down the amazing mountain roads on the MHS loop. I will share my picture, below - this was right in the beginning first stop after Mae Sariang.

    Franz and I left Chiang Mai at 5:30 to join up in Mae Sariang at 8 - it was pitch dark and raining but nonetheless a nice ride and good pace. Franz' insanely loud pipe kept people and dogs off the road for us - was definitely a big plus on that morning.

    Mae Sariang to MHS was the best part for me, roads wet but the guys still put on angles and speeds that I would normally never have dreamed of doing. Then the roads dried, the game was on, and the guys really blasted it the last stretch to MHS - and it should continue in that vein until Chiang Mai. Funny things happened with a certain funny swedish guy but I'll leave those who were there to tell that story :D :D :D

    I slipped like crazy on the last stretch from Pai to CM - seemed like it wasn't just wet, perhaps some oil on the road. Might just have been my tires though - didn't see that at the time but after washing the bike the tires looked like below. Not sure why, they were still pretty fine before the trip...

    Yes guys I am going to get new boots... actually I pretty much need the whole kit, boots, helmet jacket. My Helmet is a tiny bit too small. It's OK for about 1 hour, but after 10 hours I get a headache and a red spot on my forehead.

    Final thoughts...
    - Learned more this weekend about riding a motorbike than in the last 2 years - thanks to all of you guys; I especially liked riding behind the big bike group; probably because the riding style fits my bike the best.
    - The ER-6n is still plenty fast and plenty powerful for me there's no reason at all to go bigger. I am not maxing this bike out. Though that stretch to MHS came pretty close. Generally very pleased with her performance, she cuts through the turns like it's nothing.
    - ABS saved me again. John saw it, without the ABS I'd have done a "Johan" on one bit from MHS to Pai. As it were, I just hit the brakes as hard as I could and the front ABS engaged on the wet, muddy road and saved my ass. Close call! I was a bit tired on this part...
    - D-Trackers can go absolutely ridiculously fast. Could not believe my eyes. Maybe I shouldn't have sold mine...
    - And thanks to Luke and the moto guys we are now all lusting after a super moto or motard style bike. Nobody could keep up with him in the mountains, just crazy speed around the corners. Prior to that I didn't really know much about motard riding. But drifting through the corners on the mountain roads - ohhhhh yes, definitely something I want to get into.
    - Definitely going to get the hotel next time... didn't have enough sleep thanks to kids waking me at 6, then thought everyone had left and went towards nan on my own, then had too much of a headache and turned back in Payao, only to see everybody on the 120 wayyyy late so I am guessing it was a big night... BTW SSR hooligans Tony was about 10 Minutes ahead the pack there, no kidding the sublime 120 is a liter bike road... and yeah despite the headache the 120 is just amazing.

    Let's do it again, soon :)


    Not the best picture I have ever taken, but it's the only one I have - hopefully the others can post theirs...
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    Guys, that was fun !!!! The only trouble was getting up at 04:30, well the first part was a little tough with all the dogs roaming the dark streets, the birds picking last nights carnage from the tarmac, local villagers half asleep pulling out of sidestreets and heading to the morning markets for same ham-ham. But Nickster and me managed a good pace only to stop for fuelling and the notorious cigarette (me). A little dribble all the way and as Nick mentioned above quite cool up the mountains between Hot and MaeSariang. I can imagine that Nick got cold because Crocs are not exactly motorcycle boots.... :mrgreen: . This aside, he is a quick one on his new ER6N :smile1: , told me that this is his first bigbike, amazing his ride was. Meeting up with the hooligans, one could easily see that the night before it was beer-testing again......especially Johan on his ZX10 looked like fresh out of the trash bin........Overall we had 70% of wet roads, but very often only a dribble or a drying surface. Had myself troubles in keeping up with Mark and more with Luke, those 2 had an insane pace and lean-angle on their DRZ400's. Promised myself to do a small investment for the DR in a new frontrim and tyre (17" motard style), had some close calls with that crappy 90/90/21 inch frontwheel. Tony always managed to remind me that he's on his liter Gixxer when he blasted past in rocket speed. Gerhard's new paint job on the VFR800 is a perfect match and makes the bike look 'heavenly'...... :mrgreen: . Yep and one guy dumped his Kwaka into the ditch, when I came there shortly after his mishap, could only see a red, grinning face down there so deep was the ditch, I am sure that Trent will give us a sequence of events and fotos in his usual style..... :lol-sign: . John on his D-Tracker had only one throttle position: fully open and made an amazing 140 on the straights. Never seen a 250 bike being 'milked' that much. Sorry "Not on a Yamaha//Tiger" forgot to do some good honking behind you.... :wink: , maybe because I wasn't behind you that often.... :D . 5555555
    As Nick mentioned also the part from Pai to Huaey Num Dung was slippery like hell, think somebody spilled some oil there, Luke and Mark were drifting through each and every corner in a class of their own. Thanks Mark also to give me the perfect lesson & explanation on putting your foot upfront and what this helps in turns.
    Some parts of course were very tough on the SSR hooligans as the turns are somtimes riddled with ruts which is not exactly what you wish for on a liter sportsbike. Tony showed me his wrists, they were all blue from the strain they experienced. Neil was also sweating heavy on his Sprint and did the righht thing in taking a slower pace when it got slippery.
    Yep and Banana Boy aka Trent aka Fizzer 6 was again in his usual jovial mood and making jokes the whole time !!!!
    Had some nasty cramps from Pang Ma Pha on in both legs, not only coming from the narrow seat on the DR but also from a full bladder/prostate infection, pumped myself full with antibiotics the night before just to be able to do the loop. Had to pass the second part as my innards feel like exploding.......
    Got a nasty shower then on the last part from Mae Taeng to the X-Center where we indulged in some good Yummies and talk, mostly Trent giving us a full account of Johans ride into the green..... :mrgreen: . Upon leaving, Luke gave us a backwheel show of his own again, or how far can you ride your bike in rain and heavy traffic on your back..... :thumbup: . Anyway, he rode like trees are made of foam............. :clap: . Trent burnt a little rubber and then it was on to the next stop at the Kafe where we met up with David FL, Robert H., Rexy (as Luke likes to put this), Speedy Buffalo, Goong & Yui (Mr. Mechanic), Pee and Backdoorphil.
    Gentlemen, this was a ride we will not forget, most enjoyable !!! It was not only the high speeds we rode but also the fact that all riders were nearly on an even pace and abilities that made it so perfect.....
    Also want to welcome Nickster to Chiang Mai as he relocated just in July, so anyone up for a ride, give him a PM but don't expect him to idle along as he is a quick one, BTW, Mark, Luke and me might do something next weekend, are you in Nick ??
    Thanks again & you SSR guys have a safe and enjoyable ride back to the Big Smoke, Franz
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    Good to See all the Guys here and All Safe after an Expected Fast Ride around the MHS Loop! Once Mark, Luke and John had decided to Join them I was anticipating some Fast Action!!! And having done the Loop before with John on a 250 I knew He would surprise a few People! The Trusty Kawasaki 250 can go pretty well with a few Simple Modifications! Anyway here are a Couple of Photos of them at the X-Centre.
    First the Bikes:
    The Guys having some Food, Drinks and a Lot of Laughs!!!
    And as they Left Trent Burnt some Rubber
    The Others were less enthusiastic!
    Great having them here and I wish I could have joined You all in Town but having a Family & Business has it's down side!!!
    Hope You all get back safe and hope to See You all again soon! All going well with Myself joining and Better Weather!!!
  8. Marco

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    Thanx Guys for sharing,, nice to see you on the road and blasting as usually,,,wish i would be there ....but....
  9. TonyBKK

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    LMAO! As it turns out, the fucktards were out in force this weekend! :lol-sign:
    [youtube:171ztuf0] /youtube:171ztuf0]
    Everyone walked away from the assorted wrecks and no bikes were totaled so all's well that end's well. :happy5:
    Just got home and am wrecked. Need to get some food and a nap and will post up pics and vids asap.
    Thank you all for an incredible trip. Great fun and looking forward to the next one.
    Happy Trails!
  10. Marco

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    Hi Trnt

    Fuck you man laughing all the time,,, i cant wait to ride with you again,,,and ofcourse film when you end up to bush again,,,,,,

    man you guys are so much fun,,,

    missing my slow buss and ride with ya guys
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    Massage, nap, food and drugs and I'm feeling almost human again- the final slog through heavy holiday traffic from Nakhon Sawan to Bangkok was draining but everyone made it home in one piece!

    Have had a chance to edit a few pics :happy5:

    Headed to Tak.
    We made excellent time. Left the PTT near Don Muang around 0630 and reached Tak at about 0930. Blasted over the mountain to Mae Sot for lunch and then on up to Mae Sariang. Next time the boys want to do BKK-Mae Hong Song in a day :mrgreen:

    SSR Hooligans in Mae Sariang-

    I think we were a bit much for that sleepy town because at some point they decided they'd had enough and shut the power off in the whole town... :lol-sign:

    Not that that slowed us down much :mrgreen:

    Getting up the following morning was not easy, but the road beckoned and coffee at the Riverhouse Resort helped take the edge off while we waited for Franz and Nikster to arrive-

    Mark, Luke and John rolled out a few minutes before us to gas up. Ready to roll!

    Here's the rest of the gang. Mark and Luke on Suzuki DRZ400s and John on a Kawasaki D-Tracker-

    Wow- those DRZ400s look like wicked fun! And I've never seen a D-Tracker go as fast as John's. Very talented riders those GTR fellows!

    Alas some of the SSR Hooligans are a little less talented... :oops:

    Rider wasn't hurt and the Ninja ZX10R came out remarkably unscathed. Dunder's still smiling! :mrgreen:

    Another vid from BananaBoy-


    More to come!

    Happy Trails!

  12. Marco

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    Always a blast with you guys :take-that: :take-that: :take-that: :take-that:
  13. TonyBKK

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    What a ride! A few more pics :mrgreen:
    Already I'm forgetting where this was- somewhere between Mae Hong Song and Pai I think?

    Nikster, Dirthonk, Mark and Tiger :clap:

    Gorgeous spot- Neil said he'll come back some day at a slower pace and enjoy some of the scenery. When you ride with the Hooligans it's all just a blur! :lol-sign:
    Lots of smiling faces! :mrgreen:

    Wicked fun trying to keep up with Luke and Mark on their DRZ400s. Amazing how much speed they can carry into the corners. Those guys have mad skills and no fear :happy2:

    Nikster kept up an impressive pace on his ER6n-
    Proof once again that the Kawasaki 650cc twin is a great bike for Thailand- great torque and perfect gearing for the twisty roads up north and yes, ABS can be a life saver!

    I've never seen a D-Tracker go as fast as John's. Derestricted and an aftermarket pipe are the only mods. Proof once again that it's the rider and not the bike! If he had a few more horsepower he'd certainly be out front with Mark and Luke :happy2:

    Franz certainly turned heads with his hooligan loud Honda DR but have to agree that a 19" front just isn't conducive to his usual Austrian Speed Demon pace. :twisted:
    I hear he left the road once but fortunately no crash. Wish I could have seen that! :take-that:

    Tiger was in good form on his Triumph Tiger 1050 but said he was missing his ZX10R and looking forward to buying a new "weapon" soon :happy5:

    Bananaboy on his Fizzer FZ6 was his usual goofy self but had serious competition in the comedy department from the crazy Swede :lol-sign:

    A real pleasure riding with Neil and his Triumph Sprint. Good guy and stunning bike-

    I have a ton of video that I've not yet gone through so I'm sure I'll find some vidcaps of Mark and Bakerboy and Dunder.

    The mechanical problems with the VFR are starting to get annoying... :evil: It's suffered electrical problems for several months now and we woke up bright and early on Sunday with plans to ride all the way to Loei only to discover that the VFR ate yet another battery and could only be started with jumper cables... :thumbdown: By the time jumper cables were purchased and a new, but apparently useless battery installed it was after 9 am... Then every time we stopped for gas we had to once again flag someone down for a jump... That got old very fast! So, in the end we rode CM to Phayao via the 118 and fantastic 120 then on to Chiang Kham and the fantastic 1148, arriving in Nan around 2pm. Pushing on to Loei seemed ill advised as we didn't want to ride in the dark and there was no guarantee we'd find people to jump start the VFR on the deserted roads between Nan and Loei. To his credit Bakerboy did pay for all of the beers on Sunday in Nan. Cheers! :thumbup:

    And we got to enjoy the fantastic food at Hot Bread the next morning-
  14. nikster

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    Awesome to see those pix Tony, I am reading this with a huge grin on my face. I am at the Kwacker dealer (with free WiFi and coffee shop!) to bring the ER-6n back into shape. Oil change + new tires is all she needs, but I have a huge shopping list for myself for when I am back in the states. This will be fun!

    Turns out I lost my license plate on the way too but what the hell, at least I didn't end up in a ditch. Hehehehe. Well OK I guess in Dunder's defense it should be said that I dare anyone to party as hard as he did and keep on the road the next day

  15. nikster

    nikster Ol'Timer

    BTW Tony were you rolling the camera on Sunday too? I'd really love to see that bit where we passed each other on that straight on the 120... I think that would have been a pretty high relative speed... ;)
  16. nakedAIR1300

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    So I have just caught up on work and time for my thoughts on the trip.

    Day 1 - BKK to Mae Sot - 711 kms in 8 hours

    As I didn’t sleep the night before the ride in anticipation I was already awake when I decided to get up at 4am for the epic ride ahead. The lights in my house were all turned on and not being completely with it at 4am I sent everyone a text explaining how sunny it was outside when in fact it was the glowing fluorescent lighting within my own home. One can understand the confusion I was going through...

    anyway I rode past Caltex where some of the members were meeting, beeped and waved as I continued onto the main meet point PTT to have some breakfast and coffee.

    Waiting already was Gerhard and Tony and immediately I was excited for the days ahead. Not far behind was the roar of the almighty Tiger, Dunder and Neil and we sped north at around 6.30am

    As usual the h'way was quite uneventful as we maintained good pace towards Tak and arrived Tak at 9:30am, left and onto Mae Sot. I don’t favor the road between Tak and Mae Sot as it’s quite slippery from oil and cars seem to target my banana suit when overtaking on the wrong side of the road. I was glad to be done with that small leg of the trip.

    Mae Sot, a meal some fuel and off we went to Mae Sariang. All in all a great relaxing pace with some new and improved sections of road from last time we did the trip and other parts a little beat up which could do with some fixing. I love this section of road as its quite challenging from predictable twisties to heavily pot holed mountain roads. Normally during this section it wears me down but having a good pace with Neil it was a breeze and we arrived safely at Mae Sariang to enjoy a well deserved BBQ and beers.

    About 8 long necks of Heineken into our BBQ the boys arrived from Chiang Mai and joined us for something to eat and drink. It was great to have more people along for the trip, the more the merrier. Glad to have you along boys!

    By this stage we needed a shower and a couple mins to relax and we were staying at the resort across from the restaurant we headed back to enjoy the pleasure of pre rolled goodness.

    By this stage Dunder had already consumed 2 beers and as we later found out this was already 1 beer too many, we enjoyed some more beers at our resort before we headed out for more beers at the restaurant down by the river.

    A couple of beers at the restaurant and Mae Sariang decided we have had enough beers and shut down the power to the city... This didn’t deter us so in the rain we found our way back to our resort and enjoyed some more beers in the dark until finally there were no more beers left.

    Time for bed.

    Day 2. Mae Sariang - CM

    Most of us woke early, fresh and ready for the ride ahead. Dunder didn’t wake so easily and was in need of panadol/Tylenol to jumpstart his day. We headed to the boys hotel down by the river to drink coffee and wait for Franz and Nik to arrive from CM. Great coffee and a couple of panadol for everyone and we were off... CM here we come!

    I knew the journey ahead was long and tough so my trusty side kick Neil and I took it easy ....oh I forgot to mention. Neil and I were in the "not so fast group" and we were blessed to be joined by Dunder for the day as his headache from last night’s activities were out of control. I begged the "insanely fast group" to take him back but they refused and slipped me 1000 baht for my troubles.

    So off we went... me in my banana suit leading, Neil on his stealthily quite Sprint in quite pursuit and Dunder about 2 inches off Neil’s rear.

    Magnificent day... great scenery, awesome riding, good company, perfect cool weather (sometimes a little too cool) and I knew we were meeting for beers at the X Centre so I was happy all day.

    We stopped for breakfast in Mae Hon Song which I really love, a great cool little town with awesome nightlife, a cool culture of its own and LONG NECK women!

    After a refill of coffee and American breakfast we were off again for Pai then CM.

    Very challenging roads before Pai and its always wise to be cautious on the slippery descending u turns during this section. I hear the liter boy’s wrists enjoyed this section alot and I heard Dunder complaining more than once about his sore limp wrists from that leg of the journey... me? I loved it!

    Somewhere between Pai and CM with Neil and Dunder in toe Dunder decided it would be a good idea to overtake his and a few corners later I come around a corner to see Neil and his sprint and Dunder but no ninja... now where has that ninja gone? After checking Dunder hadn’t sustained any injuries I parked my bike and dived for my camera...didn’t want to miss this one for the world.

    Dunder has parked his ninja down an 8 foot ditch for something different to do. Dunder Down but thankfully he was a-ok!




    [youtube:7e7j5x3y] /youtube:7e7j5x3y]

    [youtube:7e7j5x3y] /youtube:7e7j5x3y]

    Franz arrived soon thereafter and thank you Franz for controlling the situation maturely as my typical buffoon nature told me laughing was the best way to keep the situation light. Well laughing once started is not easily contained.... as you all know... so as a large crowd of Thai's so generously stopped to help the less able farang on his green toy parked in the ditch I rolled with the camera.

    Dunder gave me an exclusive interview about he parked his baby in the ditch, we wiped off the mud and blew the dirt outta the exhaust and off we went again. This time Dunder kept distance and reduced pace... probably a good idea as the panadol obviously hadn’t kicked in yet.

    We arrived at the X Centre wet from the rain but in good esteem from the days ride. I was especially anxious to arrive and view Dunders snorkel cam he had suctioned to his helmet when he crashed. Apparently the impact of the crash corrupted the file and so we couldn’t view his account... but don’t worry I had my own camera on the ready.

    A couple of beers, a great meal and some laughs we headed into CM for a well deserved shower and 30 mins break from laughing. A couple more beers and pre rolled goodness and off to meet the boys at the Kafe for some guessed it beers and laughs.

    Seriously... by this point I already had an awesome trip and was in very good spirits. Thank you Dunder and everyone else for making this possible.

    We decided an early'ish night was in order as we were to awake and leave 6am the following morning to leave for Loei but as things turn out this wasn’t meant to be. I really wish now I had of taking Luke up on his invite to join him at the Siamese twin’s midget bar as he had VIP membership there already.

    Retired back to Tony room for some more beers and a recap of the past 2 days and some more laughs until Tony kicked me out of his room for being... well!

    Day 3. CM - Loei ..... I mean CM - Nan (revised leg of the trip...thanx Gerkard)

    We were supposed to push the starter button at 6am but the only problem was Gerhard starter button didn’t want to work properly as his bike was suffering from lack of sufficient maintenance and wouldn’t work.

    So anyway... long story short we acquired a pair of jumper cables, a new battery and off we went for our revised leg of the trip Nan.

    From this point on the "not so fast group" changed name to "support group" as we carried the jumper cables for Gerhard and his VFR.

    This day’s weather could not have been better! We were truly blessed to have such awesome weather, great company, nice roads in such an awesome country which living in Bangkok sometimes we tend to forget... it’s when we actually get into places like this we realize how lucky we all are to be living here. I don’t want to let this feeling go away.... I hope it’s not too long until my next trip... I want to keep this buzz going.

    Amazing roads with some very fast corners all throughout the day, my partner in crime Neil was grinning from ear to ear the whole day until coming soon... his crash.

    So we were coming out of a fairly fast section of road into a town and I decided to give me butt a rest and stood up as we slowed down the pace of the ride. Neil overtook me and the very next corner Neil dived off the road to plant some seeds in one of the local rice patties.

    As we approached the corner I could see it had a dirty shoulder and Neil’s head didn’t turn the corner so neither did his bike. I saw his looking directly down the guess what happened? He landed exactly where he wanted to go...down the ditch. Lucky for him he dodged the cement pylons before making his brave leap.




    Neil was uninjured from his ditch experience and clearly a little shaken. Again it reminds you how kind and generous Thai people are as literally everyone that drove past and saw a bike parked in the ditch stopped to help. It took a good effort to get the Sprint out of the 8 foot deep ditch and back on solid ground. Lucky we had muscle man Tiger there to help, great effort.

    We stopped nearby to refuel and shake off the experience before continuing on our way.


    The pace was a little slower for the support group after this experience and I’m sure Neil took alot away from this and will learn and come back stronger next time with more experience. He will also be fluent in jump starting a VFR next time also...for that matter we all will.

    We arrived in Nan and I was a little hotter than I would of liked as stopping for the VFR all day is quite tiring but it was made up for after Gerhard got the beers, food and everything else in which was very nice of him.


    [youtube:7e7j5x3y] /youtube:7e7j5x3y]

    We sat and watched the sunset at the river restaurant and watched the local boys practicing their paddling skills in the dragon boats. Those heavy wood boats looked heavy and we counted 49 men in one of the boats giving it their all to show us their skills! Amazing to watch and I’m sure they enjoyed showing off to us as much as we enjoyed watching them at play. Really cool... this is something you don’t see every day!

    [youtube:7e7j5x3y] /youtube:7e7j5x3y]

    [youtube:7e7j5x3y] /youtube:7e7j5x3y]

    We retired to our hotel and enjoyed a few last beers and pre rolled goodness before getting in some young grandmothers to massage our aching muscles and bones. I could have done more comment.

    Day 4. Nan to BKK

    We awoke the next morning expecting to see Gerhard bike fixed as he had the battery on charge all night but as expected we were disappointed and we knew we were in the a long day.

    Breakfast at HOT BREAD was really really good and nourishing and exactly what we need to soak up the liquids from the previous nights activities and focus on the days ride ahead. Again a jump start and we were off... but not that lucky. What seemed like every 5 mins Gerhard’s VFR was failing to win my heart and at that point in time I could care less about Gerhard feeling and I wanted his bike burnt to ashes right there and then! It was hot in the middle of the day, no shade as we waited for people to pull over the jump us.... overtake them and then break down again. Enough was enough and Gerhard ended up just whacking it ahead of us to keep revs up and made a bee line for BKK. Neil and I were left to enjoy what we could of the remainder of the days ride and made good pace towards the big smoke.

    Some amazing long sweeping corners in top gear full throttle which excited me and Neil was happy also to experience such nice roads! Wow... great piece of tarmac. It made me forget about Gerhard for a moment as we powered through some nice scenic mountainous roads.

    Somehow...don’t know how....: P we lost Gerhard. It turned out Gerhard broke down again and put his VFR on the back of a farm yard pickup and rode in the back with the farm animals all the way back to Bangkok. I wish someone took photos and I’m grinning just thinking of seeing him in the back of the pickup with his VFR, some pigs, some chickens and a buffalo coming to city to slaughter.

    So with Gerhard out of the way Neil and I dodged the ever increasing traffic and hit h'way 32 into Bangkok. As we approached Don Mueng the faster group caught up with us and escorted us into BKK and Tony waved us goodbye at his exit as did Neil on his. Tiger and banana boy went for some more beers at the German bar on soi 11 to relax from our 4 day epic ride.

    We laughed talking about the good times we had and didn’t want it to end as we knew after that Heineken we would eventually have to return home and needless to say work tomorrow...

    As I sat in my lounge room smelling of rain, sweat and Heineken nothing could take away the smile from my face as I reflected on the past 4 days riding with the SSR group.

    Thank you Neil and the boys for such an awesome adventure. I look forward to our next ride with anticipation.

    Franz - again great to see you. You are always smiling and I thank you for your help with getting Dunder out of the ditch. You controlled the situation perfectly and made what could have been a lengthily experience effortless (probably because I didn’t help as I was too busy diffusing the situation with my laughter).

    Mark, Luke and John - really cool to have you guys join us. It was good fun, a pleasure meeting and speaking with you and hopefully we ride with you again very soon. I remember Mark coming past me most times on his back wheel...amazing stuff and really impressive to watch. Luke ... wow talented rider with absolutely no fear at all. Save a dwarf for me! John, I never knew a D Tracker could go so fast...really cool stuff.

    Nik - great to meet you. Great riding with you! Nice riding shoes; D I hope we get more time to chat next time.

    Neil - a special thanx. Having someone travel at my slower pace is much more fun than trying to stay on the tail of the liter boys. Thanx dude, I look forward to riding with you again soon.

    SSR boys - I haven’t laughed so hard and so much since our last trip together. For me, this is what life is all about. Escaping the pressures and stresses of work and everyday life, getting away and just enjoying every second we have.

    See you all again soon! Thanx for the good memories.

    Banana boy
  17. TonyBKK

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    Brilliant report BananaBoy! Looking forward to the next one! Ride On! Tony
  18. Marco

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    i didnt know you can write so good,,from the plaughing i mean,,, brilliant story,, i love to reading you guys fooling around and NAN,, what a nice place to be,,,i can only wish that i would be there BUT in november again,,annual 14day tour,,this time with our DOUGAL as he become more and more Vietnamese...and drink too much vodka in his lunch time

    Thanx Trent for entertaining report
  19. Dougal

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    Absolutely awesome guys!!
    The SSR boys never fail to entertain and live up to their "Hooligan" status! It is amazing that every SSR trip consistently includes road mishaps, mechanical issues and insane night activities.
    Great to see some of the GT boys out there and proving the point that 'cc' and 'horsepower' ain't everything.
    Love the report and photos, already read it twice.
    Many thanks guys.
  20. nikster

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    Trent - awesome, awesome report. Thanks for that!!
  21. Franz

    Franz Ol'Timer

    Dek Kluaey perfect report !!! How did you do this without having any 'rough' word in it ?? 55555555. Still enjoy the picture of you laughing your balls off while filming and looking at Dunder aka 'Johan the berrycollector'. Glad you all made it back to the Big Smoke & sorry for Gerhard's issues with his VFR's electrics. This is a real pain in the a.. finding a short in the wiring or electric devices on a bike.....please SSR guys, provide him with loads of well cooled beercans while he looks up the cables and you all sit around him and giving advices that maybe he should look in the tyres that the short is there.....5555555, rgds, Franz
  22. nikster

    nikster Ol'Timer

    By the sounds of it Mr. Bakerboy has solved the problem with the VFR by purchasing one GSXR 1000 K8... I am jealous :)
  23. dirthonk

    dirthonk Ol'Timer

    now that is a sensible swap!

    kinda like swapping Anne Widdecombe for Jessica Alba...!!! ( look the former up if you arent familiar with this woman)

    looking forward to seeing Gohard on his new rocket next trip.....AWESOME!!
  24. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Woohoo! That's fantastic news that Doughboy bought Johnny's Gixxer K8!
    Can't wait for another epic ride over the long holiday in August.
    Question now is- can the mighty Tiger keep up with a pair of Gixxers? :happy5:
  25. Linds

    Linds Ol'Timer

  26. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The rest of my photos from the Kafe..







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