The Thakhek Loop - Complete Roundup

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  1. Hey guys,

    I recently traveled Southeast Asia for a year and did quite a bit of riding there. In Laos, apart from a few day trips and touring the Bolaven Plateau, I also did the Thakhek Loop with two friends I had met on the road.

    It's a nice tour with lots to see along the way. Mainly caves, small villages and the every present karst rock formations. The highlight was probably exploring the giant Konglor Cave which you will enter by boat going along the river flowing through the cave. Apart from that, the riding itself is a highlight on its own.
    I spent about a month going all the way from Phongsaly to the 4000 islands and this tour was definitely one of the highlights.

    By the way, as in Thailand I bought the GT Rider map and it once again did not dissapoint. I would recommend it even if you just travel the country without using a motorbike.

    I wrote an article about the trip and posted a lot of pics. If you like you can check it here:

    The Thakhek Loop by Motorbike – 3 Days through Karst and Caves

    I hope you like it... and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Always happy to exchange thoughts with other riders.


    Philipp (Germany)
  2. Another beautiful area covered so well in your blog.

    I travelled these roads before I was posting on GTR so your writings & photos took me back through many wonderful memories. (I enjoyed too your "Last Thoughts" in your blog on the Mae Hong Song Loop - the addiction of which you wrote rings true for so many followers of this site.
  3. Hi Rod, glad you liked my little round-up. I could look at the pics over and over again as they bring back good memories. And yes, it is an addiction and in my opinion the best traveling style there is. Nothing beats it. I was researching about China recently and found it that it is almost impossible for a foreigner to ride a motorbike there. That is pretty disapointing as I found some pretty interesting looking routes. Guess I just have to come back to SEA and explore more.... Are you still in Asia?
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