The Wang Nua Loop


Jan 31, 2005
On Sunday I rode the Wang Nua loop. This was a first for me, and a satisfying ride. Chiang Mai to Lampang was long and boring. Looking at the map, it might be more interesting next time to take 1317 to Mae Hon and then 1229 to 11.

1035 was very smooth and fast leaving Lampang. If you enjoy 80-120kph sweepers, this is your road. About 30 clicks from Wang Nua the road had some bumpy patches and a bit more traffic, though still quite light.

Wang Nua to Mae Kachan was in good shape and dangerously fast; woo-hoo!

I stopped for a falafel, lemonade, and cappuccino at the hot springs on 118. This was my first break other than for fuel, and my butt was ready for it. Then it was on to Chiang Mai under rather forbidding skies.

About half way to Chiang Mai, the sky let loose. I stopped, fought with my rain suit getting it on over my leathers, and was on the road again. Five minutes later the sun was out and I was stopped again, shedding my rain suit!

If you are moving, watch out for some nasty pot holes on 118. They surprised me as I was trying to look cool, blasting by a gang of Thai teens on 125s. I'm sure they had a chuckle as I went by up on the pegs in a wrestling match with the TL. [:0]