Theres A Lot More To Pattaya Than Beaches And Beers.

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    Three days of trail riding in the back blocks of Pattaya.
    There's more to Pattaya than sunny sky’s, pristine beaches, and cold beers.
    Pattaya is a delightful destination where holiday makers come to immerse themselves Thai culture in a sunny family friendly seaside setting.

    But there are a few who choose to venture a few short kilometres inland from the idyllic sea side setting, to a place where the ruts are deep, the tracks are steep, and the jungle is thick. A place where power, passion, pleasure and pain are an every day part of life.
    Welcome to the trails of the dark side. ......Roll on.

    There's a hell of a lot more to come on this trail ride extravaganza..

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  2. You copy this from TAT webside? :cool:
  3. Moto Rex on fire..

    Great video mate

    Love your off over the handlebars..
    Like a true Jedi warrior..
    Back up and in the saddle.

    That was only day one at khao khiew everyone.. Lots more to come.

  4. Wow, that's a bit of a change to your gentle trail riding alone in remote places in Laos.
    Is this gonna be the Moto-Rex or...?

    Amazing how much dirt fun you have away from sin city, the land of beer & skittles (for some.)

    Well done. I hope your body held up ok too.
  5. Can't wait for the next installment Moto-Rex.

    Keep you busy when hold up on your rainy season ride :)

  6. Yep…a bit slow with the update, but heres a few photos of one of the best riding weekends Ive ever had.

    Just to remind you, we were only around 15 kilometres from the tranquil, unspoilt, clear waters of Pattaya bay. Oh the serenity. But alas, we must leave, and head to the jungle. Roll on.


    Brian,..ready to rock and roll.

    Mmmm, but not before a little maintenance. Lucky Brians an A grade mechanic. Such skill with those spanners.

    I lost count of how many times I turned around to ask the question…..”are you sure about this”

    Only to hear….“yeh, keep going,…just follow the track” Track, what track?

    Oh, that track.

    Brian, on what I would describe as a track. lol

    Really nice through here.



    So funny here. While sitting on my bike, I was thinking, there’s no way we can get through here. Brian calls out “I reckon if we come in from the other side we should be right“ He has to be the most adventurous trail rider Ive ever meet. Nothing phases him. Roll on.


    We ventured on.

    The Rex KLX bit the bust. I should have followed Brians tracks.

    How good is this. Stop off for lunch at an expensive golf course. You park your bike out the front, and walk in with all your riding gear on, and the young lady ask you what you would like to drink. Thailand, you cant beat it. So good.

    For a moment I was thinking he was going say we should be right.


    But after a little scouting around, the decision was made to give it a miss.


    Airborne KLX

    So after a good day out in the jungle, we headed back to the hotel, where we relaxed and had a few beers in the pool.

    Then after the sun went down it was off to the local Indian restaurant where more beers and spicy food were order of the day.

    Ripper day out. Gotta thank Brian for showing me a side of pattaya I never knew existed.


    Maybe more to come.

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  7. It was a ripper weekend wasn't it.
    Thoroughly enjoyed showing you my stomping ground :)

    I have been riding up at Khao Khiew a bit more since our ride.
    We have opened up the Rocky Horror Mountain Trail.
    Plus shown a few ripper tracks by the locals.. Boy do they blast along.
    Great sitting at the back following them.. not fearing the head on LOL

    So when you are back next.. Lots more great loops and rides to show you there.

    I know you have another video in you yet :)
    The Khao Mai Khiew ride up F^&% Me mountain and through the jungle !!

    Roll On....
  8. Well if you look at that last post from Moto-Rex what are you riding in Laos for?
    All the "wild, lost in the wilderness adventure" but with the comforts of the Pattaya dark side.
    Ride on.
  9. I know you have another video Rexy.
    Roll on
  10. Well it looks a bit of fun but pretty modest technical grade trails.
    i guess it's relative to what else is around and what riders have done before.
    Scenery, locals,vistas, watering holes blah blah..:)

    Pattaya's a fair ride/drive from most of Thailand so gotta be interesting/challenging to make that time investment :)

    Thailand has trails like these everywhere, just everywhere.
    Like 1k off the main drag at Khao Lak and heading many K's inland and UP steep inclines.
    Then it gets more interesting.
    Some character developing sections...UP...& free fall DOWN...:) when wet...

    For sure I never thought about Pattaya as a focal point destination for riding trails, so this is useful.
    The Pattaya brand tends to major on the ' dark side '...:), along with routine feedback from pals who visit
    Thanks for vid, certainly reveals another ' side ' - which rural Loas has not yet ' developed ' :)
    And Laos has plenty tough stuff to dip in and out of from straightforward feeder tracks n rails.
    I look forward to the next vid/s to get a better understanding,

    These are great Adventure bike trails so maybe a ride down Pattaya way will be worthwhile sometime.
    All adds to the fabulous GT Riders trail maps library.

    Next vids will help many of us get a better feel for Pattaya environs.

    Thanks again for making vids.
    Some brilliant clear pix also..:) including the bit of trail spannering !
    Enjoy safe riding guys.
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  11. The latest video update is in the pre-production faze. ;) My old computer is struggling.
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  12. Always loadsa time to produce a Trail vid :)
    All that editing in the cutting room!
    Hope the PC holds out to follow on from Pattaya Premiere...:)
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  13. Great photos now that's real trails well done rather you than me
    Safe riding
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