Thi Lo Su Waterfall Closed For Wet Season

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  1. The famous Thi Lo Su waterfall in Umphang is closed for the wet season


    Thi Lo Su has featured on GTR here
    This Is Umphang!

    TAK - The road to the popular Thi Lo Su waterfall in Umphang district will be closed from June 1 to Oct 31 for public safety and to allow regeneration during the wet season.

    Provincial governor Charoenrit Sa-nguansat said on Wednesday that the 25-kilometre-long access road to the waterfall would be closed for five months to allow wildlife to reproduce and the forest to rehabilitate undisturbed.

    The route stretches from the Huai Nong Luang forest protection unit to the waterfal

    In the rainy season only four-wheel-drive vehicles can travel the route, which is used only by patrolling foresters and supply trips.

    The waterfall will reopen to the public on Nov 1, when the tourist high season starts, Mr Charoenrit said.

    Thi Lo Su waterfall is a popular destination for tourists and local people. It earns tens of millions of baht a month from tourism, the governor said.

    Source: Bangkok Post
    Thi Lo Su waterfall closing for the wet season
  2. Not sure if I have my Nam Toks mixed up... I'm at Comesing now and Uncle has just taken a load of trekkers from BKK up to the Heart Shaped waterfall... Is that Thee Lor Su?
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  3. No. What you referring to is actually highest waterfall in Thailand, discovered less than 20 years ago.

    Pre To Lo Su or Pi Tu Kro waterfall (Heart-shaped waterfall) - 15.866489, 98.613169
    It is the tallest waterfall in Thailand at 508 meters, contrary to popular belief Thee Lor Su being the one (at 250 height).

    Leave your transportation at Ban Kui Loe To village (15.82736, 98.64718), engage guide and sherpas and trek up to what is known as "Heart Waterfall" right on the Burma border. Camping area available at 15.86146, 98.61407.



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  4. Ah OK cool thanks Goran.
  5. I passed by the Thi Lo Su entrance today and there were quite a number of vehicles there ...gates were open. Not sure if they are allowing non vehicular access perhaps?

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