Thong Pha Phum - Huai Mae Khamin - Ben Kha Kraden - Dan Chang - Lopburi Novemeber2016

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    323-unnamed 14.646427, 98.706040 (turn left followed this road with some turns to HMK. mostly unsealed. easily done on a pcx. some signage for HMK - lvn HMK followed the signage to Erawan. All sealed road - 3199 to Ban Tha Kraden

    the falls was pleasant. only two other persons there. was not asked for any fee.

    stopped at the dam. due make sure you go in the correct entrance. i had the dam police all over me when trying to cross the dam itself. so had to go back and around.

    next day rode to lopburi

    3199-to ferry (10baht)- 3199-4041-3480-3086-333-3350-3502-3496-4022-3050-340-3032-3303-3030-3026-311 into lopburi

    4041 is another must. views are spectacular

    monkeys everywhere and plenty of cold beers in lopburi

    15094830_10154097732945098_2574309701686706704_n. 15109382_10154097735085098_6246672097984084570_n. 15095717_10154097735885098_955523894658760069_n. 15202690_10154097736310098_5384742183351477974_n. 15078541_10154097736725098_7866953511149317350_n. 15192611_10154097738955098_2627488019695806503_n. 15109396_10154097737140098_3528231854094440423_n. 15202758_10154097740500098_5771048371317136916_n. 15094392_10154099521700098_614062646299378167_n. 15192644_10154114355660098_8628097644570834184_n. 15171188_10154097741090098_5147581626380976628_n.

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