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    Well after returning here to OZ to work my guts out to finish our house and the never ending hand outs that come with a Thai family ..But alas things never work out the way you really want. I work in the earth moving business and it has not stoped bloody raining here the guy i was working for is selling up and moving back to NZ so i have come back to Brisbane sh.t hole that it is and its still bloody raining! sold my ute it was costing over a $100 a week in Fuel At nearly $1.60 a litre and reg was due over $800 a year.
    3 days ago spotted a klx250 2002 model down the street sitting in a front yard for sale so i stoped gave it a good going over a test ride and got it for just over 65.000 barht unregistered another 10.000 to get registered. I was thinking of buying one when i return to Thailand later this year so.... this was a way of seeing what the klx is like ... well gutless compared to my CR 500 most off road bikes are, but the klx is a very nice little bike to ride and i am rather happy with it now i can see why a lot of you guys on G.T rider like them but as most of you say it is under powered and if it was the only bike you have trying to work out how to get more power out of it would become an obsession. But it will do very nicely to get to work on.... mind you just have to find a new job now ... god life sucks sometimes, my heart and mind are in the land of smiles and the just have to get the rest of me back.

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    I have finely worked out how to get it started just about first hit of the starter when cold.
    The choke only is closed or wide open on the carburetor that is on my model but i have found now that by only using my hand and holding the choke out a 1/4 it starts first up and after a min or two you can let it go off and then give it throttle to keep it going then your okay... dont know if thats a help to anyone, for sure it will be totally different to the fuel injected bikes.
    The other thing is the back brakes i have put new pads on front and back but i am still not happy with the way the back brakes work any bright ideas out there on this one ? :?
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    I am Sure You will get lots of Fun out of the KLX. It is pretty Old so if it has been sitting around unused the rear Master cylinder could have perished so maybe take a look at that? Everything on the KLX seems to be cheap to repair so You should have no dramas! For Starting the new Fuel injected Bikes You should just press the Button with No Throttle and they should fire up! Giving them Gas confuses the sensors I am told and can affect performance!
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    Thanks Ian the bike runs rather bloody good motor wise and gets up moves when i open up the throttle, it has no pollution stuff on it no radiator fans that are on the new ones but still has the stock exhaust but am thinking of putting a Big Gun on it. But i have not taken it out on the motorway to see what the top speed is i dont even like driving a car on the Bruce highway north at the best of times getting around Brisbane is nearly as bad as BKK these days.
    I will have a look at the Master Cylinder and do it up and see if that makes them work better, my CR is a 1996 Model and i have never done the Master Cylinder on it yet the brakes work way better than my KLX i am guessing but could be honda just makes better brakes as well.

  6. Ian Bungy

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    I put a Two Brothers Pipe on Mine but it was Rubbish so I put a Thai Copy of a FMF with a Power Bomb Header on and Way better and More Power!!! The Header makes the difference I think but it is pretty Loud! Check out You Kawasaki Dealer and see what they have avalible there? Good Luck.
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    Okay i will take your word on that, mind you i could upset the neighbours with early morning starts if i change it.
    Funny i am staying with Mum and Dads untill i get sorted and fired up the CR500 on Sunday morning as it has not had a run in a while now and my sister could hear it 5 blocks away at her place and i was just revving it up.:mrgreen:

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