Three New 820cc Ducatis

Discussion in 'Ducati Motorcycles in Thailand' started by nikster, Oct 28, 2012.

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    yes made in Thailand confirmed
    expected price 499,000 my pal Pietro has alrady place deposit on 820 hyper at ducati pattaya delivery expected Feburary/March ?????

    there is some confusion thata the engines may actually be 848 not 820??????
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  6. NickyBKK

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    So the 3 new bikes we were expecting are:

    Hypermotard (SP) 820
    Hyperstrada 820
    Diavel Strada 1200

    Ducati's website is already updated for 2013

    (Nr 4 is the Panigale R)
  7. monsterman

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    The engine sound great on paper the hyper looks good but the other 2 are hideous like so many recent bikes by other manufacturers
  8. nikster

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    Probably spot on with that price as these are selling for $13k - $15k in the USA. They're expensive bikes, but then again, lots of quality components, traction control, ABS, etc.

    I love the design of the Multistrada but the Hyperstrada is unfortunately the ugly duckling in that lineup. Ew!!!

    Hyper looks gorgeous in red, matte black (wow!), and SP.

    Diavel Strada well I guess that's for those folks who like Harleys but want a good bike...

    Hopefully they'll be introduced at the Motor show on Nov 30th.
  9. NickyBKK

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    "Diavel Strada well I guess that's for those folks who like Harleys but want a good bike... " LOL

    Ducati Thailand says that around April next year they will start delivering the first batch of Hypermotards (made in Italy) to their customers for around THB700,000 for the base model. SP and Hyperstrada will be a bit more expensive.

    At the end of next year they will start producing and supplying them from their Thai factory for around 30% less.

    This time around they are going to inform their customers in advance that about this plan. If you can wait, you pay less!
  10. yankee99

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    Ducati in pattaya wont even take order for italian models getting ready to be assembled in thailand. I guess it not worth the hassle.
  11. TonyBKK

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    I'm not a huge Harley fan but I'd take a new Hog over that hideous Diavel Strada any day of the week. The Diavel was already a bit of an odd looking bike, but adding that backrest, panniers and screen have really pushed it into ugly duckling territory IMO ;)
  12. NickyBKK

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    I just saw that Ducati Thailand has updated its pricelist and I have to say Whhooaaw... crazy prices. When they told me 700 for the Hypermotard, they meant 799,000 (guess).
  13. NickyBKK

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    Well, I do like the Diavel Strada but it's price....unbelievable! 1,950,000. You can buy the base model for 799,000 (made in Thailand). Technically they are the same, the Strada only has some more accessories.
  14. nikster

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    Great, fantastic info, thank you so much!!!

    When I saw the official pricelist on Ducatithailand this morning I lost my appetite. WHAT??? 799k for the base model Hyper? Let's just say it wasn't a good morning. So another year then before I have to decide whether the practicality of the Hyperstrada is worth having the ugliest Ducati in recent history (likely answer: No).
  15. nikster

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    Crazy price indeed. That price makes it appealing to a few hi-so Thais though. Generally... if I was Ducati I'd figure the only people who want to buy these now and don't care about the price drop at the end of the year are rich "don't care what it costs" kind of people anyway, and those you might as well take for another 100k or 2.

    I like the Diavel's looks. I also like the Diavel Strada's looks, well for a cruiser anyway. Except for the panniers - cloth panniers are chintzy on any bike but they're really out of place on a premium bike IMO. One of the downsides of the hyperstrada as well. I know Ducati's had issues with the hard panniers but for looks alone, they're a must.

  16. NickyBKK

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    Yes for the so-called hi-so Thais the high price is not an is a (must). High price=high exclusivity=not many people own one=you are the man!!
  17. michaels

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  18. NickyBKK

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    Ducati has adjusted its price list. The price of the Diavel Strada is now 1,195,000
  19. NickyBKK

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    And they have started to offer the Diavel Stripe.... Inspired by the Ducati Monster S4R range which featured a similar paint scheme back in 2008/2009.

    rear_400.jpg"] 284942=13640-10_DIAVEL[1]rear_400.


    And as we all know, stripes are cool ;)
  20. nikster

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    Well 1.19 makes a lot more sense than 1.9M... 300k is still kinda steep for a few farkles but OK...
  21. nikster

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    Is the Diavel "Stripe" just the 2013 color Diavel? The official Ducati page doesn't have a "stripe" model, and the 2013 base Diavel looks just like your pictures, it has a stripe...

    Ducati Thailand seems mighty confused at the moment. Nearly 300k baht for a stripe... ok...
  22. NickyBKK

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    Good point. It does look like the base model with some added stripes..... for 270K more. Yes it is often difficult to find the logic in Ducati's pricing here in LOS. One reason might be that THIS Diavel model is not assembled in Thailand.
  23. Guillaume

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    Ducati Thailand's pricelist is "Not available for maintenance", anyone knows the prices for the 3 new hyper?
  24. NickyBKK

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    The three 821cc Ducatis have been delivered to their new owners around the world (except Asia) for a few months now.

    Since Ducati Thailand still hasn't offered them, I think we can assume that they are going to be made (assembled) in Thailand.
  25. skybluestu

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    Last weekend Ducati Chiang Mai did a roadshow in Chiang Rai and the sales manager said the Hypermotard and Hypermotard SP will be sold here in 1-2 months, he said around 530k for the standard version and 600k for the SP version which isn't far off the UK price. He said they will be assembled here but wasn't sure if they would be slightly downgraded like the Monster 795 was.
  26. bung

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    600k for the Hyper SP isn't bad. only 70k more than the standard one.

    I'd be very interested if those prices are correct. It's half the price of the Multistrada pikes Peak (SP).

    Can anyone confirm prices yet?

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