Thunderbirds are go... again

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  1. After some years off the road, following an argument with a storm drain, the '59 is back on the road again.

    The reason for the crash was that the ferrule on the handlebar end of the front brake cable was not quite the correct size for the control lever adjuster. A bad mistake not to check this properly. I braked for a corner and the outer cable came right through the adjuster. Not a great brake when it works, the old SLS 8"...
    Together with stanchions and wheel rim etc, I bought a new pair of lower nacelle legs from Ace Classics in UK, but they didn't fit the nacelle top. After some detective work I realised the top was smaller and for a later model. Luckily I picked up a correct type nacelle top on Ebay for $135. Add in the correct Lucas PRS8 ignition/light switch and the correct size repro ammeter, then together with the rebuilt Smiths chronometric speedo, things are all as should be and better than before at the top. A bit of front end paintwork and we're on the road.



    Off on that great road 1129 down to Chiang Khong. Who cares about rain...


  2. At last! Great stuff.
  3. Wow, Nice Bike in Beautiful Condition! We have some Plans to come up there to meet You and take a look at Your Bikes in the next month or 2 so see You then!
  4. Hi Ian,

    Thank you and Yes, Welcome anytime matey. Special discounts for bikers at Viang Yonok!
    I was just reading your Royal Visit post....... most impressed....

    send me a PM sometime...

    Best wishes
  5. We are Making a Harley Trip up to Stay at Your Place once Mark comes back from the UK, He was the one Who Told Me about Your Resort and suggested a Stay up there unfortunately My Fat Bob only Turned up the Day before His Trip back to the UK so it's on the List! See You soon Sir!
  6. OK, Ian, let me know. I'll be on tour with my band till end of August, so anytime after that would be great.

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