Thung Salaeng Luang

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    The trip through the meadows and mixed forest of Thung Salaeng National Park begins form the Nong Mae Na entrance approached by way of Khao Kho either on the 2258 or 2325. Access at the time of writing requires that you leave your ID at the Park HQ at Nong Ma na and then pay as you enter the trail. Negotiation here and the presentation of a Thai driving permit gets you past the 400THB fee. During the dry season the trail is an easy drive through Meadows and mixed forest ending in the near unique Thung Nang Phaya, a mixture of Sumatran pines (Pinus merkusii) and meadow grasses. At the end of the 14km there is a fantastic campsite. Watch out for cyclists from the main park they tend to have problems descending the trail. Wild life is pretty active, I saw Crested Serpent Eagles and a Martin (yellow Throat I believe).

    A special point or note was that following the 2012/13 new year celebrations the main campsite at Nong Mae Na was in excellent condition something that could not be said for many of the bigger parks. The staff at Nong Mae Na are very helpful.

    A trip I will make next year will be the 15km drive and 17km walk to Thung Non Son famous for its insectiverous flowers at the start of the dry season.

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