Tiger 125cc for sale Bangkok area +extras

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  1. I have a Tiger smart cx 125cc for sale.

    I bought this off the orgional owner and toured Northern Thailand and Laos on it. Going to the islands now so it's time to sell.

    20,000 B
    13,000 KM
    1/2 year of warranty left, next free service at 17,000 KM
    Will be in the Bangkok area Thursday, April 3rd.

    Bike comes with after market storage case attached.

    Also included in the sale are a motor cross helmet, goggles, and gloves.

    Please email if interested
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

  2. Paul
    Congratulations on the trip - North Thailand & Laos, must have been awesome fun & ride on the Tiger 125.
    I hope you get a sale on the bike, plus hope to see some trip report, as you will inspire other small bike riders who are hesitant to have a crack at the same. Yours will be proof that you don't need a big bike to tour and fun!
  3. Well done Paul and congrats on the trip - can't wait to see the pics and a decent report!

    For other potential buyers info - due to lack of credentials to buy a bike in his name, I sold him my personal Tiger 125 about 6 weeks ago - this is the bike. The bike is/was a great little runner that I bought new and I am more than happy to help with the paperwork to transfer it into the new owners name although this should not really be necessary as all transfer docs are pre-signed.


  4. n707235476_784353_6700.jpg

    The bike....

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