TIGER Classic C110

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  1. Anyone seen one of these already?
    Seem very close to the old Honda Cubs. Maybe TIGER is using their old moulds and parts I wonder, but anyhow after the Yamaha MIO another nice retro bike.








    I wouldn't mind owning one...............cheers, Franz
  2. Those are not so shabby. I have been meaning to get a little city bike for quite some time now, this might just fit the bill. I can't stand the look of the fino, actually it is more about the simple fact that there are now a million of them on the streets and I doubt something like this will ever be so popular.

    Any idea on the price that they are going for and what kind of service reputation Tiger has? I have never actually known anyone that has owned a Tiger.
  3. Oh and where did you see them for sale?
  4. Hi Ryan, gonna try to find out more and post tonight. Cheers, Franz
  5. Hi Ryan, here's a link to Tiger: thumbs_dsc_2238.jpg

    The C110 should sell for THB 29.800,-. Cheers, Franz
  6. The Main Tiger Dealership in Chiang Mai is on the Corner by the Train Station! By the Way i have had a Tiger CX125, the dirt bike version for quite a few Years and is Now receiving a Daily Thrashing by Our Workshop Staff!!! I have had No Major Problems with it. Not Honda or Yamaha Quality but Value for Money it is 10 out of 10 !!! If it sells for under 30.000 Baht as Franz suggested it will be a Bargain :wink:
  7. Cheers guys. In my course of searching for the retro 110 I also found this:


    It looks like a very good little get around town bike in much more style than your typical scooter. Has anyone ever seen one of these around. I know I have never seen anything like this and didn't know that Tiger even made it till I started looking around yesterday. From what I can tell it is the same engine that the Boxer 150 has in a different frame. It looks like the price was set for about 48,000.
  8. Ryan. The TT150 is coming soon. Tiger have been to busy with the Retro. Ther is a guy down Pattaya way that is thinking about doing something similar but with the Tiger 250 rs. Because the TT is ummmm a little on the small side. So the 250 will be interesting. Allan
  9. Allan, you will have to keep me up to date on the guy in Pattaya, I was thinking th would be a great bike if it was fitted with the Tiger 250 and seeing as it is the same engine as the Boxer 150 already I don't see a retro fit being all that difficult. If this were a 250 it would be a fun little bike to own and ride around and I don't imagine you would see too many of them on the streets.
  10. the tiger retro looks nice, if it would be a honda i'd say go for it; but i bought a new jrd for 30k once and said to myself that i'll never buy anything non-japanese ever again! lousy fit and finish, the fuel hoses needed to be replaced afte a couple of months since they deteriorated, it stareted rattling and so on; takes the fun out of it!
  11. That 150 obviously takes it styling from the CB50R:

  12. Wow, that is a beautiful little bike. I don't think I have ever stumbled across the CB50 before. Looking at the CB it is very clear where the styling has come from I was thinking it looked a lot like some of the CB 125 cafe conversions that I have stumbled across.

    It is a nice bike none the less, a new seat and it could have some serious potential for a cheap Thai city bike that has a little more class than most of the current offerings that are in the least bit friendly on the pocket book.
  13. KZ the Tiger is NOT A JRD. The JRD is made from shite and shite. The TiGER ON THE OTHER HAND IS oK. Not japanese quality but not cheap shite chinese quality either. Open the eyes and have a look is the best idea.
  14. I got my eyes open, thanks for the idea. Of course Tiger is not JRD, which is made in Malaysia, not in China. My point was that I wouldn't buy anything non-japanese again, no matter if it was made in China, Malaysia, India or Thailand.
  15. KZ. Most if not all of the 'Japanese' bikes are made here in Thailand. The mother company of Tiger used to be the Kawasaki bike builder here in Thailand before the economic crash in 1997. Then as with many other companies they had major cash flow problems and Kawasaki took over building the bikes them selves.
    The Tiger company and the bikes have come on in leaps and bounds just in the last year. They still have a way to go before they are 'Japanese' quality (But then so do some of the Thai major brand factory's)
    but are certainly getting very close. I have a friend who has done 26,000km's in 7 mths on a Tiger boxer 250Rs.

    PS Jrd are now made in Thailand as well, They have a factory on Songkla
  16. Sorry to say but most of the Motorbikes in Thailand sold by Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki...are made in Thailand. The same goes for the so-called japanese Cars too. Even the kawasaki Er6n , er6f are made here. I think you should review your "non-japanese" policy again. here is a bit more read about tiger: http://tigersachsclub.com/tigercompany.html
    I personally drive a Boxer 250Rs and can't say anything bad about it...have had some great driving and great sevice too. Sure it would be great if it had a 500 cc engine or so but for a 250 it does bloody well.
    keep the rubberside down:)
  17. Hi Captain,

    The Tiger Boxer 250 RS is 72000 THB , I added windshield & rack for mounting the Topcase too and if i remember correctly the price of both was about 1800 thb. Most prices from tiger & sachs bikes here in the dropdown list : http://tigersachsclub.com/tigersachsshop.html
    My Boxer is the red one here : http://tigersachsclub.com/photo.html
    Happy trails,

  18. I have been aware of the fact that japanese motorcycles are assembled in Thailand, even their engines, since I bought my first Honda Wave 110 here eight years ago. It's still running strong with over 60.000km and even looks good, no faded plastic or rusted rims; I took good care of it.
    Bikes assembled here under japanese supervision and quality control are still way better than other makers under thai or other supervision. It's definitely possible to do lots of km on a Tiger, but when it comes to motorcycles, they have to be fun. If they have a weird seating position, plastic that rattles, a disc brake that locks up, a seat made of card board, headlights that can't be adjusted, poor fit and finish, spokes and exhausts that rust after half a year, smell of fuel who knows why and are generally no fun to drive - I rather pay a bit more and get a Honda (or...) than a cheap substitute I don't feel like riding.
    Maybe I'm not the only one who feels this way, I see lots of CBR150s, a proven bike, but rarely ever a Tiger 200.
    But let's not spoil Franz' thread about a nice looking Honda retro copy with too much bickering - give Tiger a chance if you want to.
  19. Well i gave Tiger Bikes a chance and am glad i did. Just because you see a lot of cbr's doesn't mean the tigers are bad - maybe their advertising is not sufficient but thats another story. in fact there should be about 100000 police boxers out. i am unsure why you come up with all these quality issues...maybe on a jrd but not on my Tiger boxer 250 rs ... i am posting about something here that i am driving ...how about you? Ever driven a Tiger Bike extensive enough to evaluate??? :roll:

    The Tiger Retro is a nice looking bike and i guess i get it for my wife . The design sure looks special and having it legal and with a good amount of guarantee for the price of 29800 thb is sure a good price & value. As i am aware of the quality and the service from tiger i sure don't need to worry about this.
    happy trails,

  20. You made me think, mbox. Maybe I was jumping to conclusions when I was disappointed by JRD, telling myself not to ever buy anything but japanese. Fact is, I've never bought or ridden a Tiger, and who knows, maybe they are almost as good as a japanese bike. Maybe the Thais have learned from the japanese how to assemble the bikes to ahigh standard. I noticed that the police is riding Tigers, but they seem to be the only ones in all of Thailand. Thais are very proud of their country, but don't seem to have much confidence in their own products.
    You say you're happy with your Tiger - great, maybe I'm on my way to correct a misconception. I would like to hear from more Tiger owners (hello, anybody out there?) about their bikes, how they are holding up, and maybe I'll try one myself. I like the CX 135 SE, it seems to have slightly better suspension, for 43,500. Seems like they use a Yamaha engine, that's the only 135cc I know of. But for 50,000 I get a fuel injected Honda Wave 125 which I'm sure will hold up and has a decent resale value.
  21. Hi KZ,
    You are quite right Thai's don't seem to buy a lot of their own (thai made) stuff...Tiger Bikes is one of this( another brand comes to my mind in cars..."thairung"- even if it is isuzu & chevy not many on the roads i'd say). It may have something to do with mistakes that have happened in the past or simply lack of advertising/marketing. You are right maybe they learned how to assemble the bikes from the japanese..seeing that Tiger used to be Thai Kawa until 1997 would make that even clearer.
    Tiger manufactures their own engines , to my knowledge, so there is unlikely an Yamaha engine in the CX 135 SE . I quite like the CX 135SE myself but want to wait out for the sachs x-road 250 for a more"dirty" ride:) The Sachs Bikes come btw also out from the Tiger Factory...i think this is just assembly for sachs ,not manufacturing.
    Resale Value for Tiger Bikes may be a good point...but to be honest this i would consider an issue (for me) on more expensive bikes in the 200000 THB + range .
    Try it and you'll be surprised of the Bikes from them...i don't know all of their bikes but some ... the Retro 110C will be our new "old style" bike...
  22. Thought i am going to bump this thread and post the pics of my
    Austro-Retro medium_austrian_flag.gif.

    I just done the 1000km service on it and i didn't have any problems to date. Starts easy runs fine but ain't breaking any speed record...with me being a bit on the heavy side i still manage to do 80kph but 60-70 is comfortable.
    As you can see i added a lot of aftermarket stuff...and made my seat filled with a harder foam too. I mostly run it on E20 where i get about 50-53km/ltr on e10/91 i do now about 50km/ltr but i need to re-check the e10 figures again...at the very beginning it used a lot more e10 than e20 which was a surprise.

    It raises a massive amount of attention where i live. Even at Nakwan immigration i had the entire staff (6) taking a break and look around my retro.

    here some pics:















    happy trails,

  23. Nice one Rainhard, but you should add some flowerholders and attach some Edelweiss and both the THA and AUT flag !!!! :mrgreen: 5555555....
    Contrary to previous posts, I'm gonna skip the pink Retro and get meeself a SR400 with rego and then do this in my favourite colours.....
    cheers, Franz
  24. Hi Friends, Hi MBox,

    Your Tiger Retro 110 is pure marvel, it looks fantastic, beautifull....and I am jalous !!!

    I got mine with a side car and as you, I could say that I am very happy, it's allways also an issue of being look by peoiple and query about...

    Would you be so kind to tell me where and for how much, you got the front chromed accessories (extra light, mounting bars, protection and windshield) ?

    I went to Tiger Factory at the end of my stay in Thailand and I have been very well welcome by the Tiger Staff, a friendly atmospher, I visit the factory and have done some shopping at their front shop but they did not have so much accessories.

    I like very much your chromed wheels with rims, gain where did you get it as well ?

    Your bike is top, keep on on it.

    On an othjer hand, and regarding the good value for money and the funny character it has I don't understand why TIGER doen't perform better in Thailand and also why not on foreign markets, I show pictures of it to my French friends (who all have big bikes and scooters) they all went to get one for the fun and the fancy colors...
  25. Franz, you're right i needed to add some flags...so here some pics of Austrian & Thai flags attached.

    Austrian & Thai Flag :smile1:

    Austrian Keyring ( was bought in New York 92/93 :eek: )

    Austrian & Thai Flag close-up

    Austrian Sticker ..of course :thumbup:

    I printed some Tiger/Sachs Club Stickers and needs to be on the Retro too...if you look closely you find a Thai Flag on there too.

    And the flags again from another angle :smile1:

    Had some really funny discussion on Tiger Sachs Forum about my modified Retro and the following was suggested...a "Horn"..initial they mentioned an Alphorn :lol-sign: but lacking the space so we had to come up with a smaller version.

    And as proper suitable helmet to go with ...this was suggested :D


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