Tiger/Sachs Trophy to GOAT MOUNTAIN - but with the idea to go to Umphang

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  1. At Tiger/Sachs Forum We had planned a Trip to Umphang as some of us hadn't done it before and i wanted to get my x-road into such tight twisty & at time bumpy road - the route was planned as below - what wasn't good in this plan is the 1175 ( Thaicbr gave it the name "Goat Mountain") .... from 9 riders + 2 in support Truck we had some guys pulling out for various reasons and ended being 5 riders and 2 in the support truck

    Here the Routes:
    Trip date:
    17-18 september staying over in umphang at http://www.umphanghill.com/umphanghill-resort/room (300thb for Fan Room) (900 THB for Aircon Room incl Breakfast) (GPS N or 16.01.093
    E or 98.51.394 )

    Route Day 1 on 17 September ( for the nakwan group) : http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Route+122%2FAH1%2FAH2&daddr=Route+1117+to:Sukhaphiban+Takaok+Soi+3+to:Route+1175+to:Umphang&hl=en&sll=15.677915,100.082359&sspn=0.07801,0.143852&geocode=FXQP7wAdJtP2BQ%3BFXBn-gAdRo7uBQ%3BFd4NBAEdvLDnBQ%3BFfN-BAEdXx3iBQ%3BFRtl9AAduobkBSmHRl9JrCLnMDFwd4r6xUYDAw&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=12&z=12

    Route Day 2 on 18 September ( for the nakwan group ) :
  2. Thanks, nice trip report. The day-trips I made around KK seem a bit boring.

    Chang Noi
  3. Nice report mbox!

    I'm bummed that we didn't make it to Umphang, but it was a fun weekend all the same.

    Why we chose the 1175 to Mae Sot via Mae Ramat instead of the fantastic Highway 12 remains a mystery, but at least we made it in one piece, more or less ;-)

    Considering all the landslides on the 1175 I imagine the road to Umphang could have been in even worse condition, so perhaps we should try again in the dry season.

    The X-Road is a fine looking bike and I think with a bit of tuning you could certainly get some more power and speed out of her. As it is now, with a max speed ~100kph I can understand that it's a bit difficult to cover long distances on that bike.

    Looking forward to the next ride!

    Happy Trails,

  4. Thanks changnoi, we had this trip planned since a while on TSF so maybe next time you come to join? Grubman (he's also in KK), Tony & possibly myself may do a ride around petch/Loei end of October beg. November.

  5. Tony, why did we choose 1175? It was based on dave and bill's report how nice it is- and to be honest i posted the route a few times and everyone seemed ok with it ... but it eventually turned into a " Tiger/Sachs Trophy" adventure trip....actually i didn't really mind that...the thing we should have done . After Lunch to just go on to Umphang without waiting for the support truck or Dave ... we could have easily made it departing before 2pm ...but with waiting almost 3 hours and delays than the truck pulling out too, at 4pm it was pointless. Oh well , we will try another time .

    The X-road is indeed a bit slow specially on straights , and with a bit of wind and some stuff loaded it's not doing more than 100-110kph (gps)...the max speed i ever done on it was 120 gps but that was in ideal conditions without any breeze of wind - other than that she is doing pretty well on crappy terrain and twisty curves ..... for roads like route 12 i prefer to have more power and my virago 750 would be my choice of bike.

  6. I always call into the Bai Fern when in Mae Sot - fantastic Burmese curry!
  7. True... If Dave hadn't suffered the (self inflicted) mechanical problems we could have made it no problem. Ah well, Umphang isn't going anywhere, so I'll look forward to trying again soon!

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