Tire advise KLX250sf D-Tracker 2011 model

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by Joelthailand, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. I'm new on this forum...hello all.

    I got a 2011 KLX250 D-Tracker in Thailand, it's wheels are the same size/width as 09 onwards.
    it's running the stock IRC road winner (110-70-17 & 130-70-17), I want to replace them with Pirelli sport demons & my local dealer in Thailand (tire options here are very limited) can only order 110-70-17 front which is good but the the rear is only available as 140-70-17.......Now i've done oversize tires on other bikes coz they look better & f#cked up the handling! Is this 140 gonna be ok?? as this bike handles so well on the twisty mountain roads of Phuket. As it's a little under powered compared to some, the handling is very important to me.
    Thx :p
  2. Just to throw another option out there.. If looking at sport demons.. Consider the new alpha 12's.. No idea if they come in 130s tho sorry.

    I had an aversion to dunlops since having a pair of hard to predict sportmax's (stable in the wet but not good ridden hard) in the past.. Due to not having stock immediately when I wanted of the distanzias I took a set of these in 17 for the DRZ SM.. Have to say they are a very confidence inspiring tyre, not sure what kind of life I will see out of them, certainly not a tyre I would look to tour on, but very happy with the feel so far.

    I keep hearing and reading good reports on the sticky distanzias too (they come in a hard compound and a soft compound for the SM size) but as you were looking at sorts just thought of the alpha 12's.

    Pairoj has stock of both.
  3. I had Sport Demons on my previous bike (Honda CBR250R) and were so happy with them I wanted them on my new bike (Versys) but they don't come in a 160/60 so went with some other Pirelli instead (Scorpion Trail). The 140/70 will be fine, I know a few folk who have them, some even went with the 150/60, and no dramas.
  4. Thx for the help guys.

    It's going to be a week or two maybe more until I get them fitted. I will report back with some results, after their scrubbed in & given a proper testing/thrashing on the twisty fast roads!
  5. Where will you buy these Pirelli tyres? 140-70-17 should be okay. How much are they?
  6. 3,500thb from the custom bike on top of the mountain road in between Karon & Patong. They can order pretty much any tyre, with a 2 day delivery from Bangkok. The 140 is ok btw.

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