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Mar 5, 2006
Quiescat in Pace - May He Rest in Peace
My sincere condolences to Elle and all TJ's friends along with my gratitude for all who
endured these last few terrible months with him, with such fortitude, humour and loving care.
TJ was a remarkable man who managed to travel further than many,
with much less than most of his fellow GT Riders.
Always ready to give advice to others on where to go or how to save a few pennies.
In so doing, he helped many new riders to the Golden Triangle and enhance their experiences immeasurably.
His suffering is now mercifully over; but his memory & presence will live on in these pages & amongst his fellow riders.
My prayers & wishes are with Elle, his devoted wife & traveling companion.

Thank you Noel, Simon and others who have kept us informed whilst keeping him company.


Jun 28, 2007
May John rest in peace !!

My deepest condolences to Elle who took loving care for him to the last minute.
My gratitude to Noel Akers and Simon for keeping him company and taking care & helping both TJ and Elle.



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
TJ was such a remarkable loving character that I will always rememember him with a smile. He brought a lot of humour to this forum & joy to all those he met him. He's already missed & will be for a long long time. May he rest in peace.

TJ, Elle & Miss Pinky..

Deepest sympathy & special thoughts go to Elle. She never once left TJ's side during these difficult last months. Elle stood by her man 24 hrs a day, right to the very end!

Huge thanks also go to Noel, Simon & Tony who provided Elle with all the back up & support they could give. Guys you did an amazing job - thank you from all the GT Riders everywhere.


Oct 14, 2005
Please Tell Ellie that we are here in Udon anytime she needs us now or in the future. We share her sorrow.

Guys don't forget TJ gave me one more lesson before passing on, treasure your friends.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
My Good Friend John Hamilton, Tropical John or just TJ to His Mates passed away Last Night. Wish Him all the Best on His Next Journey. He Called Me in June saying He had a Bad Headache and His Vision was a bit Blurry. I told Him to Get down to the Hospital for a Check Up. Unfortunately it was a Nasty Kind of Brain Tumour and even after Treatment there was Bugger All Could be done!!! He Put up a Fight till the End and even Retained His Sense of Humour until His Speech had Gone. He was a True Legend Well Know to many People in the Yachting Circles of South Thailand where He helped out in most Sailing events including the Kings Cup and Samui Regatta, The Motorcycling Community of Asia where He has Toured extensively and was one of the most Prominent figures on the Forum and Made His Yearly Pilgrimage to the Malaysian Moto GP, He even Talked about Loading up His Tent and getting Elle to Drive Him there this Year!!! . Unknown to alot of People He was also a member of the Hash House Harriers of Thailand. Sad to see a Friend go in this way but i am Glad He has ended His Suffering. My Gratitude goes out to His ever Faithful Wife Elle and His Friends from Phuket who devoted all their time to His Care over the last few Months. A special Tip of the Hat and Respect goes to Noel Akers, I Salute You!!! Thanks to Simon for Keeping us all up here Constantly informed. He Passed away Peacefully while Sleeping early Hours of this Morning. Way to Go Mate!!! Here are a Few Photo’s of The Guy as I would Like to Remember Him:

He got around in His Time, This is Him when He Toured Colorado & Maryland on a BMW 650 Dakar

This is Justin, TJ & Myself in Chiang Rai getting a Foot Massage after we were Introducing TJ to the Joys of Off Road Riding. September 2007

Final One of Noel Akers and TJ on His Last Ride up here in Chiang Mai. They Rode back down to Phuket along with Simon. April 2008.

R.I.P Mate.


Mar 21, 2007
Cheers Johnno....its been fun mate....except for the last part.

This was one of life's good guys....always willing to do something for anyone...especially if there was a free cap or a T shirt :lol:

I had one of the best bike rides of my life from CNX back to Phuket with Noel and Johnno.....great riding...a whole lot of laughs and the cementing of 2 great friendships....these are the important things in life..if it hasn't been made clear yet...get on with your life ...get out there and do it....its way too bloody short....Johnno was one of those guys ...he's travelled more than most on some of the most amazing journeys in the world....he might have been the tightest bugger on the planet but when it came to getting out there he always said...stuff it !
he was incredibly fortunate to meet Elle....what a wonderful lady....dedicated to a fault....always by his side ....guiding him along...
She has been an absolute rock...and a lesson to us all in those times of need....I hope that we will all stay in touch ...and make sure Elle stays a part of this family....there's quite a bunch of guys and girls on here...

I for one look forward to coming up to CNX for a farewell ride on the MHS'll be a good chance to sit and talk with his mates and say farewell together.
I'll bet he;s already got Miss Pinky fired up and heading out for a ride...
I'll miss you mate...

Ride in peace...


one more for the good times..this one always makes me laugh...


Mar 15, 2003
It's a sad day and this whole ordeal has been a shocker to all. Although I considered T.J. and Elle friends, I did not spend as much time with him as many of you. However the time we did spend together was always good times. Fortunately I will remember him like that.

I also cannot say enough about the guys and gals who have stayed by his side and given him care and friendship throughout his illness. I am sure this gave John a lot of peace of mind and comfort. Thanks.



Dec 10, 2006
...and I wrongly thought John was actually getting better; with physical arm movements, eye contacts, and attempts to return a strong grasp of hands...

Rest In Peace TJ. You are now in a paradise driven by 2 wheels.



Nov 17, 2004
Off you go TJ, enjoy the ride. I'd say TJ did it right, rode well, good partner, good friends - not much more you can ask for.


Jan 21, 2008
Nok & Dad called into Phuket on way to MOTO GP. John invited us to stay the night with him & Elle. He was still being so positive but his body was full on pain. Elle is so tired but still being positive & smiling warmly for John. the lady is a special person..

At Sepang race track so strange John & Elle not there with hot water & helping us to setup our camp. Only 2 tents this year Dean Hobden from Surin & us from Mae Sai..

This hit me then no John & Elle from Phuket. Was not the same. We will miss him, always there with help & company. A proud Englishman..


Feb 8, 2007
Rest in peace TJ...

And my condoleances to Elle and all the family and friends around...



Apr 24, 2003
TJ our paths only crossed a few times,but read so many of your posts on the board! and you where quick with advice and a all round sound guy.


Nov 14, 2006
It's a sad day indeed. I went to visit John in Phaya Thai Hosp before his surgery. What a legend this guy was in the world of Thailand motorcycling.

Ray, thanks for posting over on Thai Visa. TJ - you'll be missed. You brightened the lives of those who met you.

Happy Trails.

Noel Akers

Aug 27, 2007
To all of John's many friends a message from his sister in the UK.

It was with great sadness that I received the news of John's death. Tony phoned me as soon as he had received the news from Elle. Whilst the news was not unexpected it was still a shock as you always hope that a miracle might happen. I visited John at the beginning of September when he was admitted to hospital following on from his return from treatment in Bangkok and spent 5 days in Phuket. I had not previously met Elle or any of John's friends and it soon became evident that John was truely loved by all the people I either met or spoke to on the phone. Without the continued support of these friends and especially Noel, Tina & Tony the last couple of months would have been harder to bear as not only did we have John's illness to contend with but also financial issues which needed to be addressed.

I have read the comments on the forum and feel that we have all lost a really great guy.

In the coming few weeks Elle is going to need a lot of love and support and I am confident that John's many friends will be able to provide this. It is good to know that where ever John is now he is wearing his GTR T shirt.

Kind regards to you all



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Feb 28, 2008
I never knew TJ personally, but he is certainly a legend in the Thailand Motorcycle community.

My condolences to his family and close friends. It looks like he was very lucky to have so many friends, and especially Elle. That is a treasure more valuable than any monetary amount, and I'm sure he appreciated it.

I wish I'd had a chance to know him.


Mar 21, 2007
Yesterday afternoon Johnno left the hospital and moved to his new digs at the temple...the Wat near Robinson, Phuket. (Ask me for directions)

well I was running late for the occasion, or so I thought, a 7pm start was scheduled.
As i tip toed in tothe temple with the monks in full song/chant... I was confronted by this....the old bugger having the last laugh...

This is Johnno's resting place for the next few days until his cremation on Friday 14th, afternoon - time will be posted as soon as we know.

Time : 11.30AM Wat San Suk , near Rrobinsons , Phuket Town.


Elle, God bless her , had made Johnno's fav....bacon sarnies !


Apr 10, 2006
I never met Johnno in person but we exchanged emails and meeting up for a beer with him was deffo on my list of things to do when I got around to going back down south. Very sad news but I guess he didn't have a bad innings as he must of lived a fairly full life what with his biking, yachting and travelling.

Good on ya Johnno


Jan 26, 2007
Dorothy and I have only known you for about 2 years, that happy grin and constant talking. It was your trade mark. We miss you already with a tear in our eye and a lump in the throat. You are more than likely looking down on us now and saying "Hey no worries mate, they have great bikes here in Heaven". We are Happy to have known you and sad to have lost you so quickly. Our condolences go to Elle, her family and John's family. Special thanks to Noel and Tina and others that spent every day helping Elle whilst John faded, many thanks from our hearts. RIP John. Peter and Dorothy Hermet. Yacht 'PURR'.


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Nov 13, 2008
From a mate (Peter Watts) in Sydney:

When I met John in 1977 he was on his way to a party, and in his typical fashion he invited stacks of other people, almost anyone, along to help boost the numbers. It wasn’t hard to see that John loved socialising, the chance to mingle and chat, to interact and exchange ideas, and thereby create the starburst for his next adventure.

It’s quite a statement to the man that he appears in so many friends’ photo albums scattered across the world. Needless to say there's a whole herd of mates here in Australia that were stunned by John's passing, and he will be greatly missed. He rode most of the roads on the east coast of Australia, sailed catamarans around the bays, was a charmer with the women, held some of the biggest parties, drank too many rum & cokes, kayaked white water, bush camped well off the tracks, loved bike and car shows, had more stamps in his passport than a travel agent, and always knew how to get value for his buck. He was truly a character and it was easy to relax in his company.

John often said “Life is not a dress rehearsal” ….. …and there’s little doubt he squeezed a hell of a lot of living into his journey. If a book was ever written about John, there would be a multitude of chapters and seemingly endless pages. And by his side, an exceptional woman in Elle.

A very special thank you to Noel & Tina for being ever present for John during his illness.

It’s been an awesome ride John. RIP.


Feb 23, 2003
A very sad day indeed. I first met John 7 years ago while I was living on Koh Samui. We both had BMWs at the time. Seem to remember he saw me riding around Lamai, so he flagged me down and we met up. He was a great guy then, and was a great guy up to the end.
On David's advice, I made a trip to Bangkok to see TJ while he was at Bumrungrad Hospital getting chemotherapy. He seemed fine, like the TJ of before. Cheerful and positive to the end, we discussed the possibility of a negative outcome. It did not seem to bother him in the slightest. It was as if he felt he was running a enjoyable race, only this race was sadly finishing a bit early.....
Sure hope they have a purple Phantom for you to ride in heaven my friend...

It's all pretty much been said and I can't really add except to say that I reckon old Johnno is sat up on his cloud with his bloody flourescent postie waistcoat on having a good smile and a chuckle.

Good on you mate - you were one of the best and with a fantastic lady too. We can even forgive you for your dodgy taste in pink Phantoms and tupperware topboxes....... ;)

R.I.P my friend.



Oct 6, 2006
I never met TJ and only know of him from his trip rides, exploits, and praise for the gentleman that appear on the GT-Rider board.
I can only extend my condolences for the loss to his wife, family and those who shared time and rides with the man.

Rest in peace...


Dec 6, 2005
Hi all the GT-Riders from absent friends...

Working too hard back here in Farrangolia and haven't been able to watch the board like I used to. Such is the life of those of us back here in the real world...

John and I spent a fair bit of time email chatting when I was trying to organise a family trip to Phuket... we became good friends, and fortuitously managed to be in Chiang Mai at the same time last year to do the MHS loop together...

Depite being unfortunate enough to have been born in England (obviously a horrible crime filled place, that is where all the convicts came from), John obviously decided he was much better suited to the Aussie way of life, and the Aussie mentality... Stop whinging and enjoy what you have...

Tighter than a fishes @rse old Aussie John, but at the same time, not willing to take anything not owing to him... Despite me explaining to him, that I earn good money, and anything I do in Thailand is cheap compared to financing a family of 5 here in Aus, John wouldn't split the bills in half because that would have meant I was paying for half of Elle's share...

But the smell of free Internet drove him into a frenzy like Bingo night in a nursing home...

I called John a couple of months ago to see how he was getting on, and I am sure we spent more time talking about what I was doing than him... such was John... didn't care as long as he was talking to someone...

I'll miss John, I was looking forward to catching up with him next trip...

I hope the GT-Rider community manage to keep in touch with Elle and make sure she gets along OK... She is a good egg...

A pretty short trip from Thailand to Heaven... (I've heard it's a local call)... but I am sure John got there OK, and probably made a few more friends along the way...





Dec 10, 2006


Lets see if the above link can put to view...we had a great time out in CNX during Loy Kratong 08...and a 'bump-into-each-other' somewhere between Pai & CNX

apologies if the pix r too big...I am still learning to download. And learning from free host is a better start for me...


Nov 5, 2003
Knowing what a joker TJ was and as he can't post anymore maybe this is an appropriate epitaph?
A couple made a deal that whomever died first would come back and inform the other of the afterlife.

Their biggest fear was that there was no afterlife.

After a long life together, the husband was the first to die. True to his word, he made the first contact, 'Judy? Judy...'

'Is that you, Steve?'

'Yes, I've come back like we agreed.'

'That's wonderful! What's it like?'

'Well, I get up in the morning, I have sex. I have breakfast and then it's off to the golf course. I have sex again, bathe in the warm sun and then
have sex a couple of more times. Then I have lunch (you'd be proud - lots of greens) another romp around the golf course, then pretty much have sex the rest of the afternoon. After supper, it's back to golf course again. Then it's more sex until late at night. I catch some much needed sleep and then the next day it starts all over again.'

'Oh, Steve you surely must be in Heaven!'

'Not exactly... I'm a rabbit on a golf course in Arizona