To Carb or not to Carb...?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by siinthai, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Ok lads , I need some help from the techies amongst us.
    Have a 2006/7 XR400, elec start.
    went out and bought a mikuni pumper carb to help her kick HH's 650.
    Now have a look at photo's below and help me out please.

    Notice the 2 wires coming out of the lefthand side bottom ? ok none of these on pumper. Also there appears to be a throttle position sensor on the butterfly valve, wires not in shot. SE of choke lever.

    now beside each other...I'm beside myself !

    Can i just hook the pumper in and leave the wiring disconnected ?
    Any help here ?
  2. Thats who i bought it from...gave them all the specs for my bike....the outlet from the carb to the inlet manifold is not the same size either...going to check in Aus...they have the same model
  3. Can somebody explain what an electric cable is doing on a carb? Is it connected to a sensor? What might that be sensing, then?
  4. A rash idea....but that's what I'm asking....2 sensors...1 is throttle position ie on the spindle of the butterfly valve.
    The other comes off the brass fitting at bottom....
  5. Si,

    Don't worry about it mate - just some emissions bollocks. Like B&T says, the carb is spec'd for your bike so just tape it up from the loom end and be done with it.

    I don't have my std carb at the house but can check that when I am next in CNX to see what wires were hanging off - I remember that it had a TPS but I just taped that up. Remember, a carb has a purely mechanical function so any electrickery is additional shite you can do without. Lob it on and let her rip!!! :D


  6. Exacrly, a carb has a purely mechanical function. How can you check emissions at ot in the carb? Or is that part of an emission system?
    I remember yanking off all kinds of hoses and even a small pump off my CA version XR650L and plugging a hole under the exhaust header, it ran better right away. But a cable off a carb?!
  7. It looks like a heater plug to me, only neccesary in cold damp climes. That`ll be the UK then
  8. The XRonly website says they include an adapter plate to fit the carb to the XR400 engine. Maybe they forgot to ship it with the carb?
  9. I have not heard anyone talk about jetting your carb yet, XR only is is a SO Cal Company and carb is most likely jetted for Southern California.
    Best you get a few jets/needles to play with.

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