Told not to use synthetic oil ? Confused?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by cdrw, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. While getting a new clutch installed in my Suzuki 250 Djebel, I told them to also change the oil, indicating I use synthetic. The owner said I shouldn't use synthetic in my me an explanation which I've now forgotten.
    This is a reliable Pattaya shop I've used for years as they have a excellent mechanic and loyal customer base.

    I'd been using syn oil in the bike for 3-years; it seemed to make shifting noticeably easier.

    I'd appreciate some advice for the members...I'm now confused!

  2. If its motorcycle synthstic the clutch should not be affected but car synthetic can cause clutch slip. but if the clutch was worn out anyway then the oil is not an issue.Some older clutches dont like motorcycle synthetic oils but a Suzuki is probably OK.
  3. Hi cdrw,

    I'm afraid you are going for a long, looooooooong but maybe interesting story with a thread about syn engine oil... There are so many pros and cons!..

    Theoreticaly and accordingly to many different advised sources, true syn oil (without slipping reducers inside because of wet motorcycle clutches) is the best one, and could be used in any engine after break in... But some manufacturers and owners are not for this...

    Not bike related but at least engine related::
    Some years ago, on a US website, a guy rebuilt a Volvo 6 cyl diesel engine and filled it the first right time with syn oil (Mobil engineered for big american trucks if I remember well), put it back in the car and then rode 100000 km or so WITHOUT FLUSHING, just little refills when needed. At this time he re-opened his engine and... NO WEAR! And this, allthough Volvo (or better to say VW) doesn't recommend it.

    For my part, I did some tests on bikes and cars along the years, but felt nothing "obviously better"... But it's me...
    I must confess I tend to stick to the manufacturer's specs for the use I have and just go for it! And through my own experience I never got any lubricating problem...

    For the Yam FZ6, the booklet says syn oil. So OK I do...
    For the BMW F650GS single, the booklet says mineral oil. So OK I do...

    For your 250 Djebel especially, I don't know... So maybe I'm not of a great help. But I just give you my own 2 satangs thoughts, and I guess you are going to get many "sounds of bells"...

    Cheers and good luck,
  4. Gobs is right,

    Anyway for a short easy version.

    Thumpers - Mineral oil
    Sport bikes - Synthetic
  5. Thanks, guys...
    So, mineral oil it is....!

    The clutch had some burnished plates...and wasn't slipping, though I had it tightened down so much it was dragging when in any gear and I couldn't start the bike (electric start) in anything but neutral. If I loosened the adjustment, allowing starts in gear, the clutch slipped. It had become a definite safety hazard!!

    Now, about the calluses on my butt from the saddle... :lol:
  6. Thanks to summarize, Bard!
    By the way: am I so talkative?
    Mmmmmh, maybe typical french behaviour...

    crdw, maybe is it time to go for a new clutch plates set... and springs, if possible!

  7. I'm to get the bike back with new clutch plates tomorrow afternoon; dunno about new springs.
  8. Hi cdrw,

    Please, don't worry so much about the clutch springs! :wink:
    It was just a thought referring to the slipage and dark brown areas...
    It may happen to be good to change them (if too old or not so efficient/weak...), but if the clutch works OK tomorrow without having changed the springs, no problem!

    Cheers and enjoy your ride!
  9. The guru's on thumpertalk recommend ester based synthetic for the DRZ400.
    Most popular grade seems to be 15W50

    In Cambodia I use Total 4T Synthetic 15W50 ... _1/520.pdf
  10. For both my DRz and my Bonnie, it's Pennzoil "Long Life Synth Blend" 15/40 Diesel engine oil.

    I did quite a bit of research and everyone has a different opinion but this has worked for me and a lot of people agree. IMO, whatever oil used, frequent changes together with a new filter are the key to minimal engine wear e.t.c. I change oil & filter at 3000km on both bikes.


  11. You've basically answered your own question by having used syntheic oil for 3 years.

    If synthetic oil was bad for you clutch you would have had problems way before 3 years.

    I'm betting your cluctch would likely need replacing whatever oil you were running.

    I'd keep using the syntheic stuff.
  12. Synthetic oil is fine for the bike.
    Only time that synthetic should not be used is when you either have a new bike or got a new clutch installed.
    New clutch need regular dyno juice (Mineral oil) to allow the new clutch to bed in. Just revert back to synthetic oil at your next oil change interval.

    For those of you that are experiencing clutch slip and have been using synthetic oil since day one.
    Should remove clutch and leave in a bucket of mineral oil overnight or longer. This will help improve clutch bite.
    Common problem on high powered bikes. But not on a yamaha. They never have a problem.... :D
  13. Addendum...

    On the road clutch & battery, new oil (non-syn and I'll use syn on next change)...and some minor adjustments: 4k-Baht

    While the shop owner [Nissan Bikes on 3rd Rd] said he couldn't help in my now futile search for a DR650se, he said they could put a 650cc engine on my Djebel and handle the (legal) change on the green book.
    Does this seem like a logical approach? The weight gain would be minimal.
  14. Use Mobil 1 Synthetic all the time in my CBR 400.

    Had no problems with neither the engine or the clutch.
  15. Pennzoil Long life gold is recommended for Harleys as well its good oil for air cooled engines.
  16. That's the plan mate. I look at it as cheap insurance. Oil is only 750B for a 5 litre can and they give you a litre free. Filter is the same price but I must investigate which car ones fit and have the right valve spring rating as they should be a lot cheaper.


  17. I'm really concerned now and would immediately change back to syn and stick to it. Ride on! Chris

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