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  1. Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum but not so new to biking in Cambodia. Actually it is a pitty that it is only now that I am seriously looking into info on this board, it is extremely useful and entertaining.

    Anyways, I have been posting detailed reports of my bike trips in Cambodia over the last couple of years, including literally thousands of photos. For anybody interested, please check at
  2. Excellent Jorai,
    Thanks for sharing your trips,recognised many places and quite a few new places that need exploring.
  3. Jorai, thanks for the post, mate loved the pics,keep'm coming.
    Thanks a lot.....Scott "OZ"
  4. Jorai
    Thanks for posting & joining the GT Rider board. I'm sure you're website is going to be real useful & popular with lots of riders.
    Agreed it's a pity that you did not find the the GT Rider board earlier on as we might have had the pleasure of your photos & reports on this board to make it a lot easier as an info source.
    But either way, well done, thanks for the tip & we hope to see some of your trips ending up on the GT Rider site.
    Meanwhile keep riding & "writing em up."

    Keep The Power On
  5. Hi, anyone has some most recent reports and pictures on route from Thai border to Angkor? Seen some pictures taken in 2000, roads and bridges looks bad. Are they still in the same state or have been improved?

    Pls share your experiences. Thanks!
  6. the road from Thailand to Angkhor.
    Just a few bits of info.We rode from Poipet to AngKhor(and back) in June.The road conditions were pretty grim.At that time the road was still very unsealed . The worst memories are of huge potholes evrywhere and bridges that were disintigrating as you rode over them. On several occassions we followed huge trucks and waited to see if there was going to be a bridge left. We became more confident when we came across detours around the worst of the bridges but after a week of rain the detours had completely disappeared.
    The traffic was also the worst we had seen in the whole region..constantly competing with massive trucks, and stupidly expensive 4WDs, farm machinery, buffalos,ad broken down mopeds.
    There are terrible rumours that the road isnt going to improve much as the airlines are controlling the access into Angkhor.
    I am having probs posting pictures but in the next week I hope to get some emailed through to David and so keep your eyes out..we have a few good egs.
  7. Much easier to go further North and cross at Osmach, biker friendly crossing and not many people. Saying that the road South is not the best but very little traffic and you miss Aran,Sisophon and most of the hard potholes.The turn off is 52kms West of Siemriep on the Siemriep/Sisophon road. A couple of reasonable places to stop for a feed and drink in Samroang.

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