Touring Cambodia on a scooter - is it possible?

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  1. My friend and I have experience with scooters, but do not have any experience with motorcycles. We'd like to see/ride through Cambodia with our own set of wheels and are aware of the safety risks involved with biking in the country.

    What we are more immediately concerned about is whether it would even be possible to see a lot of the country (we would not be going off-roading or to extremely remote places) with scooters. Can anybody provide us with information as to whether or not it would be possible to set off around Cambodia on something like a Honda Wave, or should we reconsider?

    Any tips are welcome. Thanks everyone!
  2. Dear Suki

    The Cambodians themselves drive on those motorcycle and most often even much older ones. They get anywhere they want, on- or off-road. your saying you are not going off-roading so for sure it is possible. Just prepare the trip and do not plan to make to many km's per day.

    Enjoy your trip and let us have a trip report please.
  3. Absolutely you can tour on a scooter! You might not cover as much distance per day as you could on a bigger bike, but you'll probably see more riding around slowly on a scooter than you might if you're flying along on a faster bike.

    One of my favorite ride reports on this forum was a young guy from Singapore who rode a 110cc KSR all the way from Singapore to Laos and back- epic trip on a very small bike. It's a great read:

    [h=3]My "LITTLE" Adventure Up North[/h]
  4. most friends went with 200cc scooters (sym)...have a nice,safe n enjoyable ride....

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