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  1. Hello I arrive again in Chaing Mai ( CM) early November my third visit in a row to this area, this year thinking of heading towards Uddon in a big loop as last year headed to the Burma Lao border area ( I did post my trip)which I really enjoyed and the year before used CM as a base and did some of the loops.Will check out the GT site but any advice about best routes etc appriciated. I am going to hire bike probaly a Vesey in CM again I think as that was exellent last year

    Safe riding

  2. Hi Paul,

    Not sure how much time you have, but if you head North or North-East out of CNX you can, from Chiang Khong, catch Phu Chee Fah (1293) and the 1148 (King of the North) down into Nan. Spend a couple of days in Nan catching the Doi Pukha loop. Heading South from Nan you have 2 options: heading due South and catch a ferry across the reservoir to Nam Pat or follow the roads 1026, 1083, 1241, 1268, 2013 to Dan Sai. Stay a night in Loei (King Hotel) and head North following the Mekong river around to Nong Khai.
    Nan is a stunning province and you could check out Capt Slash reports of the day trips you can do out of there.
    Have a great trip.
  3. take route 1080 1081 around Nan take your time Isaan nothing like north if you like golfing :thumbup: other info here it is
  4. Make sure that you include the R1148 going south from Chiang Kham heading to Nan. Its legendary and indeed superb.
  5. Thanks very much for advice. I am in Thailand for 3 weeks but probably a couple of weeks on the bike. I should arrive in CM on the 6/7 November, I went to Nan last year and was exellent but never to the Udon area will check out site more for information as keen to go to that area .Golf not for me no hand eye cordination with small balls.
    Safe riding


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