Toyota engine and gear box wanted


Jul 19, 2007

I know the forum is called Motorcycle Buy and Sell but I promise to use the car only as escort vehicle on the Sepon Lost Tours rides.

I hope there are some 4wd drivers on this forum or maybe someone who can point me to another forum. I have a 1980 Toyota FJ40 original with 4WD but want to change the 6 cylinder petrol engine & 3 speed gear box to a diesel.

Advice from a friend and FJ40 expert;

"Short wheel base FJ40's had a model called LX in Aus. They had 3B 4 cyl Diesel with a 5 speed box, were an excellent unit. Do you know what your diff ratio's are? Probably guess 3.9. later 4 / 5 speeds are 4.11. If 3.9 the thing will do 160 klm/h with a good 3B."

If anyone on this forum have or know about an 3B engine with gear box in good condition for sale in either Thailand or Laos we should talk.

Other engines in combination with a Toyota gear box and transfer can also be interesting. The requirement is that I can keep the 4WD.