Tracing Engine / Frame Numbers.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Ian Bungy, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Another Gt-Rider Told me you can check on the Internet to Trace Engine / Frame Numbers and it will tell you What Make, Model and Year the Numbers Belong to? Well after 3 Hours doing Searches i am No Closer to finding out :oops: I don't want to Trace a Stolen Bike i want to Check What the Frame / Engine Numbers are off on My Raid??? Is there a Web Site any of you are aware of where you can do this??? Hope someone knows could be helpful to alot of us :wink: Thanks.
  2. Great idea. Problem is if its a plated bike the odds are probably quite high that the number is not the original for that frame. Motors might provide more luck since they are altered less it seems.

    My number on the Kawasaki KLX frame does not respond to kawasaki home page number search.
  3. Justin, Yes that is why i want to find out what the Numbers on My Bike Belong to??? I have a number of people want to Buy it but would look a little stupid if the Numbers were from a Multi Cylinder Bike and the Rego Department Knew that? This is what happened to a Good Friend of ours, i won't mention names! Everything Matches on My Raid. Yamaha 250cc even the Year i just want to find out what the numbers belong to?
  4. Years ago in the UK a mechanic showed me a method of altering frame and engine numbers in such a way that police forensic and Xray could not detect...the same guy has had bikes examined by Sussex and metropolitan police and always they pass so long as he also had the correct documentation which he seemed to always be able to get.....He has never been busted by UK police although I know he handles dodgy bikes ......So if anyone here was as smart i doubt the Thai police could do better.
  5. I think what Ian is trying to determine is what factory prefix applies to his Raid as compared to what's in the book.

    E.G A Raid factory prefix is ABC followed by a bunch of numbers, an XJR1200 prefix is XYZ followed by a bunch of numbers. Now if in Ian's book, the frame (actually V.I.N) is shown as XYZ123456 then that's for an XJR when he is the proud owner of a Raid. :shock:

    Ian, I think, but am not sure, the TTR/Raid owner's manual lists VIN prefixes to help with parts ordering and I think Joe has a copy. I'll check next time I'm at the shop.


  6. Ian - I tried searching the Yamaha motor corp websight for an option to search for VIN numbers but no luck. I know the Japanese Kawasaki Motors corp sight has that option but its in Japanese. I'm wondering if the Japanese Yamaha website has that option maybe.

    See if you can take a peek on a Raid w/out a plate and look at the prefix's to see if they are the same. If you check 3 Raids and they have the same prefix's that should give you a hint.

    Best of luck.

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