Traffic Lights in Pai


Jan 20, 2003
Just finished a quick trip from Chiang Mai to Pai and back. The road is a bit worse than last year, but no major problems. The worst parts are on the last 50k before Pai, mostly on the main uphill and downhill.

Some more potholes in the turns, and a lot of fine road dirt in some sections. There has been some new paving done, and only minor construction going on.

The big news is that there are serveral traffic lights in Pai. These are the new ones, with countdown timers and turn arrows.

BUT - there is a small problem to watch out for. If you are waithing at a red light, when it turns green you will get two arrows showing straight and right turn allowed. AND SO DO THE DRIVERS COMING THE OTHER WAY!! Makes for some interesting meetings.



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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Thanks for the hot tip.
I'll have to watch out riding home late at night from the Be Bop Pub when I'm next in Pai; which should just be in a couple of weeks, now that I'm back from the ol Lao PDR.
The last time I was in Pai I recall a late night police road block on the bridge over the Pai river, on the way to some bamboo pub by the river. I forget how I sweet talked my way through the road block, but after 800 metres we realised there was nothing happening on the other side, so rode back into town through the same road block.
The new conflicting traffic lights might liven the town up a bit more on the way home from the pub then?

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