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  1. luke40

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    I wonder if anyone can offer any advice on where I might be able to hire a couple of off-road bikes in Phuket or surrounding area.
    My friend and I are planning a 10 day bike trip in November to celebrate our 40th birthdays, we would like to start out from Phuket but are open to suggestions regarding routes and places to hire bikes.
    Ideally we are looking for bikes between 250-650cc.
    Many thanks,
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  3. Naz

    Naz Active Member

    i know there is drz and klx waiting you at patong beach just along the beach road...dont know nothing about their service or whether they are scammers or not,

    then you can ask locals (sorry cant help you as I will get troubles if YOU crash em) they will find you some 2t fast but crappy looking cr for example,

    and third route is those island safary etc which giving you bike and trail to ride but you can't take bike for anywhere you want and ride in their premises only but its still be huge territory...

    and may be a way to go is to ask any respectable rental service to find you some dirt bike.
  4. stubzi

    stubzi Ol'Timer

    We can offer 650 Versys for rental however not for off-road use.
    Check out the web site below if you interested.


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