Trailer (to carry luggage not bike trailer) for scoot

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  1. I asked this question two years ago but no info was forthcoming so I wondered if anyone has any new info.

    We're arriving GT area at the beginning of March on an open ended tour and are looking for a small two wheeled trailer to attach to the back of a Honda Wave or similar.

    Anyone got any suggestions or links please

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  2. Nigel,

    You can buy a two wheeled kind of trailer at a few places here in CNX. They are basically a metal mesh box with an axle and an extended handle that reaches to the seat and the pillion sits on!


  3. Found a pic as my mate has one for his dog!



  4. 18°47'49.98"N and 99° 0'7.45"E (me thinks) there is a selection of trailers on display here.
  5. Pikey

    Thanks for the info (and photo!!)

    Do you know:

    1. Cost?

    2. Legality?

  6. Do you know:

    1. Cost?
    Bugger All, around a 2000 Baht?

    2. Legality?
    Totally Illegal as are every other Side Car and Trailer for Bikes in Thailand!!! :shock:

    They make another version with Smaller Wheels which looks a lot smarter than the Pictured Colossus!!! If you got one make up a Hitch onto the Grab Rail at the Back would make it much easier to use instead of Sitting on the Handle and I am sure it would be easier to Handle? Have you ever seen the little Tuk Tuk / Bike Taxi's they use in Siem Reap Cambodia? They have a Hitch where the Back seat would normally be on the bike! Quite neat.
  7. Alas could not find a photo of the common backwards facing passenger holding a wheelbarrow. :p

    This is what you need but not available here. Lots in Brazil. 8)

  8. Thanks everyone for your replies, especially the BMW behmoth/outfit!!

    Pikey, do you have any contacts for your mates trailer in the Chaing Mai area pls?

    We're currently investigating making our own (testing it on our scoot here in the UK) and breaking it down into a suitcase for the flight to CMX. However we may be tempted to buy one in Chaing Mai (2000 Bhat is much cheaper than making one here in the UK!)

    Any help appreciated

    Nigel and Frances
  9. Just get something made in Chiang Mai to your specs.
    Easier, quicker & cheaper.
  10. Davidfl

    Yeah, we thought about that, but with no language skills and only rudimentary drawing skills, I don't want to spend a week in CM trying to get it right.

    We feel it's better to make one here, test it then pack-and-fly. We intend to use the trailer over the next few years in SE Asia - we've done the car/touring holidays to death and the scoot + trailer idea really does it for us, especially in SE Asia where the scoot rules.

    However, if you have any more suggestions, I'd welcome then

  11. Nigel,

    The only consern is speed and distance. The pictures trailer from CMX is a push cart using bicycle grade components. Maybe it would stand up to motorbike touring but.......

    Do you want single or double wheels?

    Not necessarily the answer but Indespension make 125kg units which make be OK for a single wheeled unit, if you can buy a m/bike single hitch where you are.

    I think you may need two trips. First one to either bring parts and get one made and second one to actually use it.

    PS if you carry a golf bag you are ussually allowed 10kgs extra free. Nobody checks that it actually contains golf clubs!
  12. Mike

    Thanks for the ideas.

    First off, we will be travelling light, not back-packer light, but with about 20kgs of clothing, and stuff - has always fitted nicely in a standard airline compatible travel case - you know what I mean.

    The trailer has to weigh (unladen) no more than 15kgs, this way we can collapse it into another travel suitcase, then check it with two bags as normal.

    When we arrive, we unpack the trailer unit, build it (30 minute operation) and put the two cases (one now empty) into the trailer and hitch it to a scoot.

    When we move on to Laos, VN or Cam, we can either repack and fly, or return the rented scoot and river the trailer (still constructed) down the MK.

    The important thing is lightness. The trailer has to carry 40kgs max (two cases - one empty and it's own weight)

    I'm looking at bicycle trailers, they are ideal but are not collapsable into a suitcase - hence the 'build my own' route

    Cheers for the input

  13. Are there any issues, beside the weight, with pulling a properly designed trailer with a small motorcycle?

    As such an infrequent bike tourer, would be nifty to have extra gear without adding a full on pannier system for a week long getaway. Was thinking a light, steel framed and aluminum boxed, single wheeled light trailer. See pictured borrowed from ADV. We spent many years pulling kids and/or gear in bicycle trailers, which we preferred to full bicycle pannier systems which we also toured with for many years. I do understand the speed reduction required. Would think the pivoting mounting attachment, required for a single wheel, would be the hardest part to obtain.

  14. Small and even "ice cream" size motorbike trailers are very popular with small businesses in Brazil. They use a std. car 2"? ball hitch with the ball mounted in the centre line of the rear wheel. Usually on the left side. They all look pretty standard.




  15. Hi everyone, it's been a year now...

    In the end I made my own collapsible trailer out of 25mm square tube and bicycle wheels.

    I lashed the trailer to the rear hand grip of the scooter and off my wife and I went in Thailand.

    When we were done in Thailand, I dismantled it (it was put together with bolts), put in a suitcase along with the wheels and took it on a plane to Vietnam where we used it.

    I left it in a place called Phan Thiet when we came back to the UK as I decided that version two needed to be made out of 3" bamboo and not steel

    How do you upload pictures to this site?
  16. Thialand%20001.

    Very creative, looks like your were able to take it all with you on your tour. Nigel, how did the Dream drive riding two up pulling the trailer?

    Never have seen larger units like the last two in your pictures, carry your gear and a spare Honda Dream.
  17. It worked really really well. We were in Chiang Rai 3 yrs ago and just toured around from a fixed base on a Dream. It worked really well providing you keep the speed down to about 60kph which is fine for us because we like watching the country side go by.

    I hired this Dream from Mr Mechanic on Moon M. Road. The first one had knackered suspension so I changed it for a newer one - worked a treat. Because the load is in the trailer it tends to pitch the scoot over a bit on the tight hairpins into Pai, but other than that, worked a dream (pun)

    Next version will be made out of Bamboo. You can see bits of bamboo under the cases in the photo you kindly uploaded. If you make one out of Bamboo you only need to make the brackets, which is easier to carry in your 'plane luggage.

    Thinking of coming back this November (2010) as the visibility in March is bad.

    Thanks for the picture upload

  18. Glad you had a successful trip & that you found the GT Rider forum helpful with tips.
    But how was your trip - any chance of some photos & a report too please.
    :) :)
  19. FE, got any further links to this on ADV. Had a look and couldn't find it. I like that trailer alot.....

  20. Cool trailer Pikey! Thanks for sharing :lol:
  21. FE, cheers

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