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    [?]Am planning on arrival date of early Jan 07. Have Honda Transalp I would love to ride once I get there. Any problems with bringing my own bike over to ride other than expense of shipping it there. If I bring it along can I sell it in Thailand for a reasonalble price before returning home? Any info in this area would be nice.[:)][:)][:)][:)]
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    Take a look at the Thai Customs website at this link: (Then choose the English version I take it...)
    Go to the link under personal vehicles. If you plan on doing it legally, it would cost an arm and a leg because for you to sell it there(meaning leave it there)you basically would have to import it permenantly. Look at the duty rates on the site, they have examples. It's not pretty. I thought about importing one and leaving it to ride on vacations, but I decided I would be better off just buying one there.

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