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  1. After more as 8 years along the Eastern Seaboard I am moving 500km up north to Khon Kaen and wondering how my bike should get there. OK I understand .... riding .... but I also have a car. So initially my idea was to move to KK and go by car and later take the bus back to pickup my bike. But that would be at least 2 or 3 weeks later and with a bit of bad luck it will be a week of raining and I hate riding 500km in de rain.

    So a second option would be to put the bike in the back of my Toyota Prerunner (4 doors) and take it with me. Here I could use a roll-on-option to get the bike in the car. I dunno if I will have a roll-off option in KK. And I do not know if the bike actually fits in the back of my car.

    I use to transport my Yamaha XT250 in the back of my old Ford, but the bed was longer, the car lower and the bike only 120kg.

    So anyone has experience in transporting a big bike in the back of a 4-doors pickup?

    Chang Noi
  2. If you have a pickup.. its easy.. even in a 4 door they go in (tail down sometimes)..

    If you dont have a pickup then post it.. tho it can get scratched, but I have been mostly lucky with this option.
  3. If your wife can drive , get her to drive the car and you follow on the bike ( assuming you have a wife that can drive )

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