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  1. Just an aside you blokes... How many of you ride with your missus? I am extremely fortunate that I have a wife who loves riding just as much as I do... In all these years, thru monsoon rain, hail, ice, and snow she's never complained and is always keen to go on our next adventure.

    Now don't get me wrong I love her to bits, she's gorgeous, thankfully has terrible taste in men given I have a head like a vandalised bus seat and tolerates all of my many shenanigans.... Many many shenanigans. Anyhow, no matter if Touratech made a London bus sized top box and A380 sized panniers I'd still end up with 3 t shirts and a pair of shorts... The rest would be taken up by the innumerable and not up for negotiation, beauty products that accompany us everywhere.

    Just today I observed a small part of her toolkit... a small part of pictured below. All manner of lotions and potions, jars and bottles... Even brushes of some sort, which I once made the mistake of using to clean bike parts with.... The doctor said my recovery is going well and I should be able to walk normally in a year or so

    The joys of travelling two up. I wouldn't have it any other way. IMG_20170727_152957.
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  2. Great post, I'm still laughing.
    I ended up getting a bike for my wife. She rode like a demon, as many who follow this site can attest.
  3. I recall a my first bike trip in Laos with the previous GF Happy Go Lucky.
    A gem of a gal & fun to travel with, a capacity to drink + an amazing singer...but all good things sometimes have to come to an end.

    We packed the Africa Twin with a large top box - that's all you / we get for luggage dear. Everything has to fit in the there.
    I packed my minimal gear on the bottom & left her to out her gear on top, stressing that we needed to travel light & didn't need all the make up & beauty gear you use for working, singing at night, because you wont be working & we are on a motorbike adventure holiday.

    Loh & behold then I struggled to lift the top box to put it on the bike.
    Forced to investigate I noted the usual glass jars of cream, & giant bottles of shampoo & conditioner were packed, plus shoes.
    NO No you cant take these. We don't need them darling, just take a few small things in plastic. NO GLASS JARS or multiple spare shoes.
    Out they went .

    So off we went. Ride to Chiang Khong nice & easy, & put the bike on a boat to sail down to Pak Beng with a few mates.


    We arrived in Pak Beng, unloaded the bike & the next day set of up the old bumpy stony Pak Beng - Oudom Xai road.
    At the first drink & food stop - only about 29 kms out I might add, the GF takes off her jacket & I can hear the glass containers rattling.
    OH NO. OH YES , she had filled the pockets of her jacket with the glass jars of cream + a pair of bloody shoes! A good part of the excess "unwanted: luggage had only been redistributed.

    Then there was another time in Nan she packed her gear in the top box last & put in the dried squid.
    Back in Chiang Mai everything reeked of smelly dried squid when the top box was opened.

    Oh well.
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  4. David
    You can't live with them,you can't live without them Very funny I enjoyed reading it.
    Safe riding

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