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Discussion in 'Vietnam Trip Planning' started by Champasak, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. To keep the "Trip Planning" post's free of general comments, this "Comments" post is provided. This represents a departure from the norm, but its aimed solely at keeping the original plan/s uncluttered and easy to find and read.

    After trialing this for a while, we may extend it to other Trip Forums....
  2. Comment on (closed post) :

    Thank you Rod for these detailed information and the great help that you are providing to people attracted by a ride in Vietnam. Such compendiums are very interesting and I would be happy to find them also for Laos and maybe Isan. Besides specialised stories and dirt tracks, off limit for me, I am always interested to get an overview to help me in trip planning.

    You have done a great useful job with this piece of work.
  3. Rod
    Good to see some maps included as now, as it gives us uninformed "Viet to be Riders", a better idea of where the places are that your writing about.
  4. Good Idea - as you say, it keeps the primary focus on "Trip Planning" but also provides a place for members periferal comments.
    Vic (AKA Ah Boon)
  5. Vic,

    You are spot on. On looking at the number of views for the "Vietnam Trip Planning" it is clear that the concept has been well received & well utilised. It would be most encouraging to know how many of those using the site found it useful, used it as a basis for their trip, or whatever. Not having the comments facility linked directly to the thread concerned has great merit but does limit the repeat exposure of all GTR Trip Planning sites, the advantage of staying in the public eye, on "New Posts".

    Returning to the number of viewers of all GTR Trip Planning threads it is to be hoped that readers & those adventuring in the areas concerned will furnish reports from which information can be gleaned & where appropriate added to the Trip Plan concerned. Comments made directly on the 'Trip Planning Comments" thread would, of course, be warmly received.

    Thanks for your interest Vic.
  6. Xin Chao Chris,

    How are you mate? You are clearly enjoying life in VN.

    You have been busy. Your 8 posts dated 20th September are just sensational - excellent maps, road conditions & likely travel times, accommodation information, fantastic videos that would entice anyone to head your way &, of course, some most useful practical information.

    Well done, very well done. This is an invaluable contribution.

    Best regards to the team at Flamingo Travel - to you, Hung, Hai, Pinkey, Mickey, the mechanics &, of course, Hang.


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