Trip report Bang Saen Bike week


Oct 14, 2005
Our activities actually started on the 25 th the day before. Jim came in and met with us. Set up with a room at the Irish Clock, where per our agreement he locked his bike inside the hallway Barry, Dil and Myself met him there for dinner. Thats where we found out Ken from Khan Kean thought we were vary late as he was waitng to meet us that day. Of course we didn't leave till the 26th LOL Now thats a guy who is on time.


The following morning we met up at the Jet Gas station. Dil, Jim, Barry, John and myself. We got a nice surprise Lucky and Wynn met with us and rode as far a Kumpapwapi, they couldn't make the trip this time. So 0930 and we are on our way, boring Kahn Kean highway, but you really cover ground fast. We met up with Ken there best sounding bike on the trip Harley's usually are. Stopped mid way and had lunch.

Nothing fancy but it got the job done.

By the way Ken is consistent on time agian LoL

Headed off on 206 to Phi Mai



206 to Phi Mai ruins, it only about 20 Klms off Highway 2. The entire area around us was flooded, but 206 was high and dry. I had never seen Khmer riuns before it take doesn't take long to see why people go to Anghor Wat. This is one a heck of a lot closer and very impressive. We enjoyed our little stop served for a nice break as well. I'll let the photos do the talking. By he way if farrang prices really bother you might want to skip this, personally I thought it was really maintained well and parts are still being rebuilt, so to me so it was worth it. Not something we see much of in Udon.


Back to Highway 2 and Khan Kean

206 really is an excellent road, Ken and myself managed to find the only pot hole in the road and it was a doozy Ken's Harley came through with flying colors. My Yamaha didn't, couldn't belive it . Broke the windhshield and knocked the head light out the housing from the Impact.

Notice the duck tape on the windshield and head light.

Next gas station a break stop I headed for garage was hoping for another wind shield that would be asking for to much luck. My wife explained to the mechanic that I need to fix the head light. His first reaction there is a big bike 20 Klm down the road. I finaly got him to look and he repalced the two screws and everything was just fine agian. My poor wife trying to translate this for me. But I hung in there I wasn't riding 20 klms out of the way for two screws and it got done for 20 Baht. It's funny Thai mechanincs for the most part freak out when they see a big bike. I told him what a wonderful mechainc he was cause he could fix big bikes in Thai. Lots of people watching so he had his moment at being a hero LOL

Went on to Korat and even with the sight seeing we were there at 4:45 P.M.

Dil had found us a great Hotel recently built, four security officers baby sitting the bikes overnight this is one that I would recommend:

Sabai Hotel
Khan Kean

I believe the rates were around 685 a night. But really really nice and a safe place. That included breakfast

The have a resturant, that is called a Steak house but they didn't have any steak LOL

Everyone had a good meal except me my Karma must have really been in the dumps that day. First found out I couldn't get the steak, ordered something else. after a two hour wait watching plate after plate carried by me. I was ready to start chewing on the table. My wife came to the rescue and went to the little shop they have there and got me some Momas Noddles

Photo, that is me enjoying me steak dinner LOL. Needless to say no tip that night.

They redemmed themslves the next morning they didnlt believe anyone could drink six cups of coffee, but they kept them coming. Breakfast was as good as any Thai American breakfast I have had, they got a tip on that one LOL

Folks that was the first day.ore to follow later. There is a lot write about and I will do this is segments. David is kind enough to post the photos, so this will give him a bit of time to catch up.