Trip Report: Lampang to Chae Son NP

Nov 15, 2006
Location: Lampang to Chae Son NP, Loop to Chae Hom to Lampang
Distance: 180 Km RT from Lampang
Sights: Chae Son Hot Springs, Waterfalls, hiking trails, hot baths.
Route: Hwy. 1157 north to Hwy. 1035 south (Loop)

I am new at doing trip reports, so bear with me as I learn please. This is great day trip for those who only have a limited time to travel. Hwy. 1157 is an excellent two lane road with little traffic to Chae Son Hot Springs and waterfalls. There is overnight camping, food vendors and a popular location for local residents from Lampang. There are hiking trails, message center, private hot spring spas and overnight camping areas for tent camping. Near the entrance to the Park, Hwy. 1252 "T"'s off of Hwy. 1157 and connects to Hwy. 118 to Chiang Mai. I elected to continue the loop back to Lampang on Hwy. 1035 to Chae Hom and Lampang which travels south from the Park. There was construction and paving at the intersection near Chae Hom, but it was all paved, but was being prepared for traffic markings. Many of the signs were not reinstalled yet, but I stopped at a gas station and asked for directions.
The scenery was spectacular, especially around 4 and 5 pm when the sun was going down. The mountains are jagged and rugged in this area and the rice fields were almost blue green with the late sun shinning on the fields. This trip has many possibilities for a good day trip from Chiang Mai as well. Take route 118 northeast to the junction of Hwy 1252 and stop off at Chae Son Hot springs for a lunch break. Continue your trip south, to Chae Hom and Lampang on Hwy. 1035 to Lampang. Rest in Lampang or spend the Night and return to Chiang Mai on the Super Hwy. or via Phayo.